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£240 /week
4.3(37 reviews)


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Sugarhouse Close

Live next to iconic landmarks, cult cafés and rugged parks in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic city centre

  • Address:

    41 Holyrood Road, Holyrood, Edinburgh, EH8 8FF

  • Distance to University of Edinburgh:

    • 10mins
    • 5mins
  • Free cancellation period:

    Within 7 calendar days

  • Facilities:

  • Bills included:

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    Premium range 1 studioPrivate bathroomappr. 19.0 - 25.0m²Small double bed (appr. 125cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Aug 7, 2019Move out Aug 28, 2019Stay 3 weeks
    £240 /week
    Premium range 2 studioPrivate bathroomMore details
    Move in Sep 9, 2019Move out Sep 30, 2019Stay 3 weeks
    £240 /week
    Move in Sep 7, 2019Move out Aug 29, 2020Stay 51 weeks
    £246 /week

    Facilities & Services


    • Bike storage
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Laundry Facilities in Student's Apartment
    • Others:

      Communal Kitchen, TV in Room, Wheelchair Access

    Security & Safety

    • CCTV / Surveillance Cameras
    • Maintenance Team (Daytime only)
    • Controlled Access Gate (Locked gate)

      Bills Details

      Inclusive of

      • Heating


      Facilities and fares should subject to the final contract

      Cancellation Policies

      If you need to cancel your reservation, please apply within 7 days after the deposit is paid, otherwise the deposit cannot be refunded.

      Additional Information
      1. Unless you have already collected the keys to the accommodation, you may cancel your booking by e-mail at any time during the 7 days after we send you an e-mail confirming your booking is complete (the “7 Day Cooling-Off Period”). If you do that, we will make no charge and will return your any deposit or any payment of advance rent to you.
      2. Provided the 7 Day Cooling-Off-Period has expired, you will have to pay all amounts due under your Tenancy Agreement unless a replacement Tenant is found for your Room or you enter into a new Tenancy. If a replacement Tenant is found for your Room before your start date, we will release you from your Tenancy Agreement on the date seven days after the new Tenant’s Tenancy Agreement is signed. If a replacement Tenant is found for your Room after your start date, we will release you from your Tenancy Agreement from the start date of the replacement Tenant's new Tenancy Agreement. If you have occupied the Room prior to this, you will be charged £50.00 to cover our costs of preparing the Room for the replacement Tenant.
      3. No Place No Pay – applicable to 1st year students only
      If you are a prospective first year undergraduate student and your offer of a place at your preferred University/Higher Education Institution is withdrawn by the University/Higher Education Institution as a result of you not achieving their required entry grades, you may be eligible to be released from this agreement. You may also be eligible to be released from this agreement if you are a prospective first year undergraduate student and you choose to go to a different University because you have exceeded your expected grades. To apply to be released from this agreement in the circumstances referred to above, you will need to supply us with a copy of:
      • a written rejection letter from your chosen university/college or UCAS or a screen shot of your UCAS status which confirms that the required results were not achieved; or
      • a copy of the proof of acceptance of your new university by UCAS adjustment.
      These document(s) must be received by us within 7 calendar days from the date your results are published. Please send the documentation by email. On receipt of the required documentation it will be verified and, provided we are satisfied, we will cancel your agreement and refund any deposit or advance rent paid in full.
      If you are:
      • a student moving to the United Kingdom from overseas for the first time to undertake study at a UK University;
      • have made a booking for a room with Unite Students; and
      • you are not already residing in the UK or have not previously attended a UK university.
      this policy shall apply in addition to the standard Cancellation Policies.
      1. Up to the 31st August you may cancel your Booking if you have been rejected from the UK University that you have applied for and we will not charge you any fee and will refund your deposit or any advance payment rent;


      Based on 37 reviews
      From Edinburgh
      The university of Edinburgh

      Dec/13/2016 08:00
      Lovely apartment!!
      From Netherlands

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      Places to eat; Brass Monkey. It's a bit expensive for 1 room, but everything I included which is great. Room/facilities; no complaints/good. The common room with the pool and table tennis table, when I have friends over is good. Nice and private, but friendly enough. Security; No complaints. I feel very safe.
      From England

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      Eating places; Royal Oak, Morattis. Price broadly in line with other properties. Room standard and facilities are very good compared to good proportion of Edinburgh Uni Postgrad Accommodation. Only one common room. Atmosphere good among my group of friends; 8 or so nationalities and 6 disciplines. Difficult to say re the whole hall, but obviously that Anna and Phillip are valued by everyone I speak to. They have been excellent all year. Safety/Security is excellent.
      From China

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      Eat at Holyrood 9a. The kitchen is connected with room which is inconvenient. Tend to hang out in our rooms.
      From USA

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      Favourite places to eat/ drink near here; Holyrood Coffee Shop.
      From Greece

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      Near Holyrood 9A, Pizza Express, Moratti's, Bene's. Yes, good value for money. Facilities and room rather good. Socialise in Mark's room because it's warm. And has Netflix. Atmosphere is excellent. Safety/security is excellent.
      From Scotland

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      Eat at Holyrood 9a. Yes good value for money. Standard of my room and facilities is good. I use the Kitchen/lounge. Atmosphere is flat. Security and safety is really good.
      From Undisclosed

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      Eat at Holyrood 9a. It's quite expensive but it is worth it for the location. Tend to hang out with flat really. Didn't know anyone before I arrived but everyone is really nice.
      From Britain

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      ... to princes street, Holyrood park, it is very convenient. Favourite places to eat/drink near here; Holyrood 9A, the cafes of Grassmarket. Good value for money. I think admin-wise it seem better here because my friends in other student accommodation complain about theirs. I really like my room, it is ensuite and a decent size. I can keep all my things here with no problems, plenty of storage space. I go to the Brass Monkey every Wednesday for the pub quiz win. I also hang out by Grassmarket. Sometimes, it is really fun here because everyone is friendly. I am able to host people in the communal space in my flat and the building communal space is accessible to all. No security issues.
      From Nigeria

      Jan/06/2015 08:00
      ... centre attractions. Favourite places to eat/drink near here; Oink (on the Royal Mile), Pancho Villas. I believe the facilities and amenities are very sophisticated and functional. However, I believe that the studios (which was my style of accommodation) are way too tiny for the price. The studio apartment does not offer the best space and value for money. I would say that room and facilities were all modern and worked properly. However, the room was too tiny. I use the laundry area the most as I have a studio and do not need a communal kitchen or living space. I see posters and announcements of community events, however, I feel separated and a bit isolated sometimes because I live in a studio and am not compelled to interact with other neighbours. I see my neighbours only when there is a fire alarm and we have to assemble at the muster point. I feel like once one misses the opportunity to interact with other residents during fresher's week, it is almost impossible to do so while living in a studio. I will rate the property an 8/10 for one simple reason; the back gates were sometimes left open and unattended during maintenance work and it was rather uncomfortable to walk by and see that anyone could have gotten into the premises. Also, while the automatic doors are cool and convenient, they swing open slowly and swing closed slowly. This mean that, by the time I've walked away, the door has still not closed and anyone can come right behind me. I wish I had realised how small and compact the residences were, especially the studio in which I live.
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