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  1. St Giles Studios

    Live a few minutes’ walk from the heritage landmarks, independent shops and quaint cafés of Durham’s historic city centre at St Giles Studios

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    1. Club Studio

      From £111
    2. Standard Studio (Accessible)

      From £119
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  2. Chapel Heights Durham

    At Chapel Heights Durham, you’re a short hop from the historic architecture, alternative cafés and quaint shopping precincts of the city centre

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    1. Standard studios

    2. Premium studios

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  3. 2 Hawthorne Terrace

    Live in a charming viaduct house close to the city centre and a short walk from some of Durham’s most popular pubs at 2 Hawthorne Terrace

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  4. 31 May Street

    From 31 May Street, take walks by the river or on narrow, winding streets below the city’s impressive castle or Romanesque cathedral

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  5. St Margaret's Flats

    Set up home in Durham at St Margaret’s Flats, close to fun comedy shows, lively cocktail bars and the historic Palace Green

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  6. St Hilds Lane

    Discover both past and present when you live a short walk from the historic landmarks and indie art spaces of central Durham at St Hilds Lane

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