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  1. King Square Studios

    Make your home amidst flourishing street art, trendy cafés and indie entertainment venues at King Square Studios, in Bristol’s Cultural Quarter

    From £125per week View rooms
    1. Dual Occupancy Studio

    2. Studio w/bath

      £170 £185
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  2. Centre Gate

    Live in your own luxury pad right in the centre of Bristol at Centre Gate, where you’re a short walk from lectures and surrounded by quirky cafés

    From £310per week View rooms
    1. 2 bed apartment

      From £310
    2. 3 bed apartment

  3. St Lawrence House

    Live in the creative heart of Bristol, and find world-famous street art and the picturesque Castle Park on your doorstep

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  4. iQ Bristol

    Find a smart, stylish home in the heart of Bristol, with the eclectic energy of Stokes Croft just around the corner

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  5. Hotwells House

    Live right by the harbour at Hotwells House, and enjoy Bristol’s stunning Georgian buildings, beautiful parks and buzzing arts scene

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  6. Vita Student Bristol

    Live in style with gig venues, trendy bars, creative cafes - the whole electric buzz of Bristol city and campus - around you

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  7. Tamarillo House

    Tamarillo House

    Live in stylish Clifton at Tamarillo House, where you’ll be a short walk from lectures and close to famous attractions like Bristol Zoo

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