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  1. Arkwright House

    Be at the centre of student life, beside Bradford University and close to great international restaurants and the city park

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    1. Bronze En Suite

      From £75
    2. Bronze Plus En Suite

      From £82
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  2. Emm Field Villas

    Make this elegant Victorian building your home just 500m from the School of Management and the fabulously English Lister Park

    From £75per week View rooms
    1. Standard Room

      From £75
    2. 3 Bedroom Apartment

      From £90
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  3. Wardley House

    Right in the heart of cosmopolitan Bradford and above the National Media Museum, Wardley House put you just a few minutes from class

    From £69per week View rooms
    1. Double En-suite

      From £69
  4. Morley Street Apartments

    Nestled between the university and the bustling city centre, Morley Street Apartments offers you the best of both worlds

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  5. Edmund Street

    Make your home amidst multicultural eateries and specialist galleries at Edmund Street, in the heart of the world’s first UNESCO City of Film

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  6. Kexgill Tower

    Live in your own apartment right next door to campus at Kexgill Tower, 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre’s nightlife, museums and leafy parks

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