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    1. Double En-suite

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    1. Single bedroom

  1. City Edge

    Live close to the shops and cafés of Edgbaston at City Edge, with easy access to Birmingham’s world-class shopping and entertainment

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    1. Gold studio

  2. Kensington House

    Spend your days in the heart of Birmingham as you browse exhibits, sip cocktails and sample exciting cuisine from your base at Kensington House

    £185per week View rooms
    1. Studio

  3. North Road

    Live in one of Birmingham’s most luxurious areas when you make your home at North Road, close to brunch hotspots, gastropubs and yoga studios

    From £540per week View rooms
    1. 43 North Road

    2. 60 North Road

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    1. Room in 4 bed house

      From £92
    1. Room in 5 bed house

      From £97
  4. Metchley Hall

    Live in peaceful surroundings in upmarket Edgbaston, minutes from Birmingham University campus with its wealth of facilities

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  5. My Student Village: Birmingham

    Make your home on the cusp of Birmingham’s urban hubbub and leafy Edgbaston with its botanical gardens and uni campus

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  6. Penworks House

    Wind your way along scenic canal towpaths from Penworks House as you marvel at the innovative architecture of the city centre

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  7. Athena Studios

    Make your new home at Athena Studios, just three minutes' walk from the University campus in the heart of busy, student-friendly Selly Oak

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  8. 800 Bristol Road

    Live in a buzzing student area at 800 Bristol Road, dive into the city to go shopping, visit museums and galleries, eat out or go clubbing

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  9. The Old Fire Station

    Live by Aston University at The Old Fire Station, near Birmingham’s famous shopping centres, buzzing creative districts and quirky indie outlets

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  10. iQ Birmingham

    Explore the birthplace of the iconic Balti curry with its futuristic architecture and secret network of historic canals

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  11. Lucas Studios

    Immerse yourself in the excitement of uni life when you live across the road from the buzzing Aston University campus

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  12. The Pavilion

    Live just minutes from Broad Street’s buzzing bars, venues and restaurants to experience student life at its most exciting

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  13. Canalside

    Make your home beside one of Birmingham’s historic waterways at Canalside, close to campus and minutes from the cosmopolitan city centre

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  14. Leahurst Crescent
  15. Victoria Hall Birmingham Phase I & II

    When you live at Victoria Hall Birmingham Phase I & II, you’re so close to campus that you can roll out of bed minutes before lectures start

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  16. Victoria Hall Birmingham Phase III

    Live right on the edge of campus at Victoria Hall Birmingham Phase III, where you’re a short walk from great restaurants and popular student bars

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