Scape Swanston

Scape SwanstonScape SwanstonScape SwanstonScape SwanstonScape SwanstonView all photos GuaranteeGet a full refund and cancel for free if you don't get your place at University or your visa to study abroadFree cancellation or changes if you are impacted by the ongoing COVID19 pandemicMore details
От A$334 /нед.

  • No Visa No Pay
  • No Place No Pay


604 столько студентов сохранили этот комплекс

Детали проживания

Locate yourself in the best student community and educational precinct in Melbourne CBD with lots of amenities on the doorstep of Scape Swanston

  • Address:

    393 Swanston Street, Мельбурн, 3000

  • Расстояние до Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
    • 4мин.
    • 4мин.
  • Расстояние до Monash College (City Campus)
    • 8мин.
    • 7мин.
    • 8мин.
  • Facilities: Furnished, Прачечная, Тренажёрный зал
  • Bills included: Wi-Fi, Вода, Электричество, Отопление, Газ
  • Facilities & Services

    • Cinema Room
    • Тренажёрный зал
    • Bike storage
    • Reception
    • Управляющий в здании
    • Лифты
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Library / Study Area
    • Полная меблировка
    • Communal Laundry (Coin-operated)
    • Induction microwave/ grill combination, Ventilation system, Smart storage spaces, Communal Laundry(Swipe card), Smart TV, Кондиционер, Барбекю, Мероприятия, Общая кухня, Кафе, Двор, Камеры хранения, TV in Room, Торговые автоматы, Доступ для инв. колясок, ТВ-лицензия
    • Видеонаблюдение
    • Сигнализация
    • Maintenance Team (24-hour on site)
    • Security Officer (24-hour patrol)
    • Controlled Access Gate (24-hour)
    Правила комплекса
    • No Alcohol in Communal/Public Areas
    • Подходит для семей

    Bills Details

    All inclusive bills

    The price is the final price, no other fees added

    • Cleaning Service
    • Wifi
    • Вода
    • Страховка имущества
    • Электричество
    • Отопление
    • Газ
    Facilities and fares are subject to the final contract.

    Условия отмены Guarantee
    No Visa No Pay:Your booking can be cancelled for free if the Visa application has been deniedNo Place No Pay:A booking can be cancelled for free if you have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your university of choiceCOVID-19 Cancelation Policy:


    We understand that students have lots of important things to focus on, so especially during these uncertain times, Scape are here to help make life less stressful. We have put together a deferral and cancellation policy for new bookings commencing Semester 1, 2022 that provides flexibility if you are currently outside of Australia and impacted by COVID-19. This means you can secure your new home now, with peace of mind that you can change or cancel your new booking without any financial impact*.


    If you have a booking and are not able to arrive in Australia because of COVID-19, you can defer your contract to the following semester. The same terms of the original booking will carry forward to the new semester booking, including the type of room you booked and even the same weekly rent.


    If you need to cancel your booking with us for one of the reasons detailed below, all you need to do is email us no less than 14 days before your contract start date and we will cancel your booking and provide a full refund of any fees paid.

    We will provide flexibility to defer or cancel if you are impacted by any of the below reasons, all you need to do is provide supporting documentation:


    If your visa application is rejected or the visa centre remains closed in your respective country.


    If your scheduled flight is cancelled and an alternate flight is not available, or if there is a travel ban preventing travel

    from your country of origin or in Australia preventing you from arrival.


    If the start date of your course has been postponed to a later date or semester, or the university does not offer face-to-

    face learning.


    *Our above Deferral and Cancellation Policy is only available to new students with a booking commencing in Semester 1, 2022 who have not previously stayed with us at one of our Scape Group properties and are currently located outside of Australia. Please note that once your contract commences, this policy no longer applies. This policy relates to individual bookings only; group bookings are not subject to the same terms and conditions. For students currently in Australia, please refer to Scape’s Standard Cancellation Policy. Should you need to delay your arrival by more than 14 days we may need to relocate your booking to an alternate property within The Scape Group portfolio in close proximity to your current building. Don’t worry, we will certainly be in touch to advise you of any changes and will honour the same room type and weekly rental rate.

    For any additional cancellation reasons not covered in the above clauses, please contact us to discuss further.


    我们知道学生有很多重要事情要处理,尤其是在当前不确定时期。Scape制定了第一学期2022新预订的延期及取消政策为学生减压。如您受,COVID-19 (新冠肺炎)影响,此政策将为您提供更大的灵活性。新政策意味着您可以即时安心预订,可更改或取消预订,而不会造成经济负担*。


    如您已经预订,并因COVID-19 (新冠肺炎)而无法如期抵达澳大利亚 , 则可将合 同推迟到下一个学期。合同内的所有条款将会保留,并延续到新学期,包括 您预订 的房间类型甚至每周的租金,均与预订的合同一致。


    如您基于以下详述的原因之一而需要取消,您必须在合同开始日期的14天前以电子 邮件方式通知我们,我们将取消您的预订并全额退款。

    如您受到以下任何原因影响,我们将提供灵活的政策为您推迟或取消预订,您只需 提供相关文件支持:

    • 签证被拒


    • 航班取消/旅行禁令


    • 大学/院校延迟开学日期

    如您就读课程的开始日期推迟到以后的日期或学期,或者大学不提供面对面的 教学。 


    *我们上述的延期和取消政策仅适用于第一学期2022的新预订且以前从未在Scape Group任何公寓居住的澳大利亚境外新生。请注意,合同日期开始后,该政策将不再适用。此政策仅适用于个人预订,团体预订不 受相同的条款和条件约束。如果您需要将抵达时间延迟14天以上,我们可能需要将您的预订移至Scape Group名下其他公寓 。所选公寓将非常靠近您预定的公寓。不用担心,我们一定会与您联系,告知您任何变动,并将 选择相同的房型以及维持原周租金。


    如您因上述条款未涵盖的其他 原因而需取消预订,请联系我们 。我们将与您进一步商讨详情。


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