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À partir de A$299 /sem.

  • Pas de visa, pas de paiement
  • Pas d'admission, pas de paiement

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Informations sur la résidence

Choose Iglu Melbourne City for a thrilling student living experience near RMIT University and the shops, bars and restaurants of the city centre

  • Adresse :

    229, Franklin Street, Мельбурн, 3004

  • Trajet jusqu'à Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
    • 12mins
    • 8mins
    • 6mins
  • Trajet jusqu'à Monash College (City Campus)
    • 16mins
    • 12mins
    • 10mins
  • Installations: Cuisine, Meublé, Laverie, Salle de sport
  • Factures incluses: Wi-Fi, Eau, Électricité, Chauffage, Gaz
  • Installations & services

    • Wifi
    • Cinema Room
    • Тренажёрный зал
    • Bike storage
    • Reception
    • Управляющий в здании
    • Лифты
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Общая кухня
    • Library / Study Area
    • Полная меблировка
    • Laundry Facilities in Student's Apartment
    • Кондиционер, Барбекю, Мероприятия, Двор, Доступ для инв. колясок
    • Видеонаблюдение
    • Maintenance Team (24-hour on site)
    • Security Officer (Night patrol)
    • Controlled Access Gate (Swipe key)
    • Курение запрещено
    • No Alcohol in Communal/Public Areas

    Détails des factures

    Toutes les factures sont incluses

    Le prix est final, pas de frais rajoutés

    • Wifi
    • Вода
    • Электричество
    • Отопление
    • Газ
    Les installations et tarifs dépendent du contrat final.

    Politique d'annulation

    Garantie Student.com
    Pas de visa, pas de paiement:Votre réservation peut être annulée gratuitement si la demande de visa a été refuséePas d'admission, pas de paiement:Une réservation peut être annulée gratuitement si vous n'avez pas été accepté à l'université de votre choixPolitique d'annulation COVID-19:

    No Travel? We're Flexible.

    With various international and state border restrictions, it is hard to plan anything with certainty right now. We don’t want things to be hard at Iglu, that’s why we have a No Travel offer, which allows students to secure a place at Iglu and defer their contract start date if they are affected by travel restrictions.

    The details below outline the offer while we wait for clarification from the Australian Government on when international borders will open and the ongoing quarantine requirements.

    If you have any questions,  our teams are here to help.

    Students currently in Australia

    • If a student can’t travel to their Iglu location, we will defer their contract start for up to 7 days after the border restriction is lifted.
    • If a student can travel to their Iglu location, but is required to complete mandatory hotel quarantine^ before moving to Iglu, we will not charge them rent until they move in.
    • The student will need to advise Iglu prior to their contract start date to ensure they are not liable for rent from the original contract start date.

    Students currently overseas

    • If a student can’t travel to Australia, we will automatically defer their contract start date for up to 4 weeks after travel restrictions between their home country and Australia are lifted (and they meet the Australian Government travel requirements), unless the student requests a cancellation (see special terms below).
    • This offer is only applicable for contracts starting in Semester 1 2022 and valid until 30 April 2022.


    While international travel restrictions are still in place:

    • Students may cancel their Agreement without an early cancellation fee if they notify Iglu in writing prior to the start date of their current contract.
    • Where no cancellation request is received, Iglu will automatically defer contract start dates for up to 4 weeks after travel restrictions between the student’s home country and Australia are lifted (if the student meets the Australian Government travel requirements).
    • Where an Agreement has commenced, students may cancel their Agreement with an early cancellation fee equivalent to 1 week’s rent. Iglu will not refund any rental paid from their Agreement start date to the date the student informs Iglu of their cancellation in writing.

    When international travel restrictions are lifted (may differ by region):

    • the contract start date last confirmed between Iglu and the student will apply, and the student will be bound by the terms of their residential tenancy agreement.

    ^ Students may be requested to provide evidence of their travel / mandatory hotel quarantine arrangements.

    Note: Iglu’s Standard Cancellation Policy will apply for students currently in Australia who wish to cancel their Agreement.

    Informations supplémentaires

    Residential Agreement Cancellations

    Once a Residential Agreement (“Agreement”) has been signed, the student must comply with the terms and conditions of that Agreement. Whilst the terms of the Agreement vary between different Australian States, the student is required to pay the rental due for the term of the Agreement. If the original student wants to cancel their agreement with Iglu and they or Iglu finds a replacement student to take over the balance of the Agreement, the original student will no longer be required to comply with the terms of the Agreement. This will typically incur a cancellation administration fee of between 1-2 week’s rent.

    Students may also cancel an Agreement as part of Iglu’s “No Visa, No Offer, No Pay” option. If students are unable to secure an Australian Visa or have been declined entry to their intended course of study in Australia, they can cancel their booking without charge if they provide us with supporting document prior to their lease commencement date.

    Reservation Cancellations

    If you are yet to sign your Residential Agreement, please see below for our Reservation Cancellation and Refund policy in your state.

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