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Hotelschool Den Haag

Student housing in The Hague

The Hague, the ‘royal city by the sea,’ boasts many monuments, high-end art and culture, and a beach that is within easy reach. If you want to make this royal city your home during your university years, Student.com helps you find the perfect accommodation for you.

We offer cheap student accommodation in The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch) close to the universities. Our student housing in The Hague offers three different types of student rooms from shared to private rooms and fully self-contained studio apartments.

Call us to get more details or send us a quick message through our website’s live chat. Our booking consultants are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have!

The Hague at a glance

The city on the North Sea coast of western Netherlands is the third-largest city in the country, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Hague offers a captivating mix of new and old with the city’s modern skyline contrasting beautifully with its historic city centre.

The seat of the Netherlands’ government and home of international law and arbitration, The Hague is the only big Dutch city with a beach directly on the North Sea coast. So just a quick bike ride away from the country’s administrative centre, the working palace of the king and many monuments, you can find relaxing beach life.

This enticing mix makes it one of the must-visit Dutch cities. With one of the best qualities of life in Europe, the capital of the province of South Holland offers everything from royal palaces, to exotic cuisine, rich history, and fascinating shopping experiences.

A superb place to live, The Hague is a bustling city with a cosmopolitan feel that is also surrounded by forests, greenery, and the sea. While famous for its coastal vibe and royal allure, The Hague has much more to explore and discover including plenty of art and music, plus a wide selection of world-class theatres, museums, and galleries.

Student life in The Hague

Several world-class tertiary institutions makes The Hague even more enticing for students. 

But student life goes well beyond the student bubble in The Hague. Night or day, there is plenty to do and something for everyone, including a thriving nightlife scene.


Whether you want to dance until the early hours or have a relaxing meal by the beach, there’s plenty to do after dark in The Hague and nearby towns.

From lively terraces, nightclubs and music venues to the bustling restaurants and the beach, there are plenty of lively spots to spend your evenings.

The historic centre offers the city’s main sightseeing gems during the day, but by night many of them transform into entertainment hotspots. The Plein and Grote Markt squares’ many restaurants, eateries, and coffee houses turn into bars and nightclubs after hours.

Live music and festivals

With a range of venues and festivals, The Hague has a varied and vibrant music scene. The city hosts several music festivals throughout the year, including Parkpop, one of the largest free pop music festivals in Europe.

The Hague is also home to Paard van Troje (Trojan Horse or PAARD), a popular gig venue loved by locals and visitors alike for its broad and varied programming. A nightlife pioneer in The Hague, PAARD hosts most of the biggest bands, while smaller venues such as Musicon, PIP Den Haag, and Popradar are interesting options for live music as well.

If you are a lover of jazz, then you’ll also love The Hague. Jazz concerts are staged at many small bars in the city, so there are always live jazz acts to discover. While the popular North Sea Jazz Festival is no longer on The Hague’s cultural calendar, the new Mondrian Jazz Festival is a cutting-edge international jazz festival with a variety of acts.

Theatres and cinemas

For something a little quieter, head to one of the city’s many cinemas or theatres.

The Hague is a great place to enjoy drama, opera, ballet, contemporary dance, and comedy. Enjoy the performing arts at Pathé theatres and independent film houses such as Filmhuis Den Haag and Theater Dakota. For theatre, dance, and cabaret, head to Diligentia, a household name in the theatre world for around 200 years, or Pepijn Diligentia, which hosts concerts for a wide range of genres.

Shopping in The Hague

When it comes to shopping, the city has a lot to offer. From the high streets stacked with famous brands and small shopping districts to beautiful indoor malls, shopaholics can shop to their heart’s content in The Hague.

Check out the city’s stylish fashion boutiques and shop for fashion or art, or stack up on groceries amidst the locals at the stalls of the Haagse Markt.

The Hague is conveniently located

Though there is always something to do or see in The Hague, the city is also centrally located, with convenient transport links to the rest of the country, as well as the rest of Europe. So, a study break further afield is within easy reach, making The Hague a great study abroad choice for international students.

Where to study in The Hague?

The Hague University of Applied Sciences 

With around 26,000 students from about 150 different countries, internationalisation is a prominent feature of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).

The university offers bachelor’s, postgraduate, master’s, and associate degree programmes across its four campuses. Students can choose from over 60 bachelor’s degree programmes, which vary in type and length. Most of the courses at THUAS are four-year programmes and a considerable amount are taught in English.

Hotelschool The Hague 

Founded in 1929 by the country’s hospitality industry, Hotelschool The Hague was built to create a hub where people in the travel industry could gain skills and knowledge as well as share new insights.

Since then, Hotelschool The Hague has developed into a top-notch international hospitality business school with a solid global reputation for hospitality management. It has been proclaimed the best hospitality management school in The Netherlands for nine years in a row (2014-2022) by Keuzegids HBO. Keuzegids also considered the institution’s four-year Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management as well as its Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management the best in the country in 2017 and 2019. 

Several graduates of the school have gone on to occupy leading positions in the hospitality industry all over the world.

Hotelschool The Hague’s nearly 3,000-strong student population consists of over 60 nationalities and is spread across its two campuses, one in The Hague and another in Amsterdam.

Frequently asked questions about student accommodation in The Hague

How do I apply for private university housing in The Hague on Student.com?

First you’ll need to select the accommodation you’d like to book. To help you find the right property for you, you can use the filters and map on this page to find a type of property you like, in an area of The Hague you’d be interested to live in.

After selecting the accommodation you want to book, click ‘View rooms’ to go to the property page. On the property page you’ll need to choose the room you’d like to book. Then click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Book Now’. Leave your contact details and one of our booking consultants will contact you. They can answer any questions you may still have, as well as take you through the next steps of the booking process once you’re ready to book.

What are the different types of student rooms you offer?

We offer three different types of student rooms:

1. Shared Rooms: These rooms provide a bedroom that is shared with a roommate. Bathrooms and kitchens are also shared with others.

2. Private Rooms: These rooms provide you with a private bedroom. Your bathroom can be either private or shared. Other facilities are shared with other tenants.

3. The Entire Place: This is a fully self-contained studio apartment with a private bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. You don’t need to share anything, so this is the perfect choice if you love your privacy!

Do you offer student apartments for international students and exchange students as well?

Yes, we do. As long as you are a full-time student, you can book any accommodation we offer.

Are bills included in the rent?

This depends on the property you choose to rent. Many of the student housing options we list have bills included in the rent, but make sure to check if this is the case with the property you’re interested in. You can see what bills are included on the property page of each property. 

Are the apartments fully furnished?

Most of the apartments we list all fully furnished. As with the bills though, things can be different between different properties, so make sure to check the property page of each property to see if the rooms there are furnished or not.