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Live right by the harbour at dwell Hotwells House, and enjoy Bristol’s stunning Georgian buildings, beautiful parks and buzzing arts scene

  • 주소:

    192-216 Hotwell Road, Bristol, BS8 4UR

  • BPP University Bristol까지 거리

    • 20분
    • 11분
    • 9분
  • 무료 취소 기간:

    달력일 7일 이내

  • 시설:

    가구 완비, 빨래방
  • 공과금 포함:

    와이파이, 수도세, 전기세, 난방, 가스비
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      숙소 이벤트, 공용 키친, 주차장 (추가 요금 지불 시)

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    • 와이파이
    • 수도세
    • 콘텐츠 보험
    • 전기세
    • 난방비
    • 가스비


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    Must give written notice of cancellation at any time during the period ending on the date 7 days after the data you have signed the agreement.


    5개 후기 기반

    Sep/05/2014 07:00

    Jul/25/2014 07:00

    Sep/30/2013 07:00

    Oct/21/2018 22:05
    Just a note, I am writing this review as an international student from Malaysia who is currently studying in UWE and lives in an ensuite room in Hotwells House. God knows I tried my hardest to find reviews on this House back then, so I'm writing this now for the people who need it like I did.This is all based on personal opinion so be aware. I would describe the ensuite room as cosy! It is small, but not too small. The toilet is small, but it's honestly manageable. Lighting is bright enough for me to work in, though some people may like the help of an extra lamp. The bed is not a bad size (for me), you can get bed sheets and pillows from Primark for a reasonable price. The table is alright. Could have more shelves to store stuff but as usual, manageable. Wish there were more hooks to hang clothes on. As for noise, I'm lucky because my flatmates are lovely people and we communicate with each other if we happen to be loud. Doesn't go for our neighbours upstairs though. Someone blasts the same kind of Dubstep once in a while. Manageable. The kitchen is not bad for a student home. It has an electric stove and comes with a kettle and toaster. I was the first to move in and the fridge was broken. Notified reception the next day and they got it sorted quick. There's brand new, though absolutely cheap, cleaning supplies hiding in the store room (Mop, broom, dustpan, an iron and ironing board). The mop handle keeps coming off. Tip: Don't forget your keycard and if you're in and out of the kitchen/room, don't close your door all the way cause they lock themselves sometimes. The bus stop is right outside the reception which is great to go to the city center or Frenchay. For those unfamiliar, you need a card to pay for tickets on most buses. Don't worry though, the 71/70 buses take cash (Bring exact change!). It's a 20 minute easy walk (for me) to both Bower Ashton and Arnolfini. A lot of people ride bicycles here and the roads seem pretty safe. All in all, it's cozy!

    Dec/16/2016 08:00
    La résidence est bien situėe pour ceux qui vont à l'université de Bristol. Les chambres sont sympas mais pas très bien isolées, surtout avec l'appartement d'à côté. Les appartements sont assez grands et bien équipés. Bon rapport qualité/prix même si les logements restent chers en Angleterre.
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