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Overbrook の学生用物件を見つけましょう。Philadelphia の、学生生活用に設計されたアパート、部屋、ワンルームのみをそろえています。専門スタッフがサポートとアドバイスを無料で提供いたします。スマートな物件探し。

平均的な家賃 - Philadelphia
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The Legacy at Drexel Armsでは、都心にある広い公園をジョギングしたり、近くに集まるアートシーンやショップ、エンターテイメント施設を楽しむことができます

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    Make the most of scenic green spaces, handy transport links and a great sense of community in Will Smith’s old neighborhood

    In this culturally diverse suburban neighborhood, you’ll have space to breathe, and the quiet you need to focus on your studies. There’s also plenty to do when you feel like cranking the pace up a notch. Experience the thrill of a St Joseph’s University basketball game at Michael J. Hagan Arena, or spend the day exploring nearby West Fairmount Park. Take part in a tea ceremony at beautiful Shofuso Japanese House & Garden, before staying late into the evening for a concert at open-air stadium The Mann Center.

    When it comes to the great outdoors, Overbrook has more than its fair share of places to unwind and reconnect with nature after a busy week of lectures. Don your hiking shoes for a morning spent adventuring along the trails of ancient Haddington Woods, or organise an outing with friends to nearby Schuylkill River. Rent a bike and explore the river’s picturesque waterfront path, or simply spread out your picnic blanket and catch a few rays whilst watching everyone else do the hard work.

    If all that fresh air helps you work up an appetite, satisfy your food cravings at one of Overbrook’s popular restaurants. Wait in line for what the locals will tell you are the best cheesesteaks in West Philly at neighbourhood favorite Overbrook Pizza. Stop in for fresh donuts at CC Orlando & Sons bakery, or explore the area’s ethnic roots with a Cajun meal at Rice & Things. When you feel like making a night of it, hop on the train for the 20 minute ride to central Philadelphia instead.