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Auden Houston

Live close to campus at the Auden Houston, near sprawling green spaces, world-class museums and cool local hangouts

  • 住所:

    5500 Sampson Street, South West Houston, Houston, 77004

  • 距離: Texas Southern University

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  • 施設・設備:

    家具付き, ランドリー設備, ジム
  • 公共料金込み:

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    Category room: Private room

    This is the description of a private room. The user should be informed that they do not need to share a private room as they can sleep and study in their own space. They will be able to meet their neighbours thanks to the shared additional living spaces and facilities. The user can find more details in the property description.

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    Room type Entire Place

    This is a description of a fully rented property. The user will be able to relax in their own self-contained property. This will be their own living space with cooking and bathing facilities only for themselves. The property can be rented by friends for more place or to split the cost.

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    Facilities & Services


    • Gym
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Shuttle bus to university
    • Fully Furnished
    • Communal Laundry (Free)
    • Laundry Facilities in Student's Apartment
    • Others:

      Aircon, BBQ, Communal Events, Computer Lab, Communal Kitchen, Free Car Parking, Outdoor Area, Storage Units, Outdoor Swimming Pool, TV in Room, Wheelchair Access, Broadband in Room (All Free), Cable TV Subscription

    Title for Security & safety within facilities section on property page

    • Maintenance Team (24-hour on site)
    • Controlled Access Gate (24-hour)
    • Controlled Access Gate (Locked gate)

    Facilities type within property page for Property rules

    • No Smoking
    • No Alcohol in Communal/Public Areas

    Bills Details


    • Wifi


    Facilities and fares should subject to the final contract

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    Houston, TXから

    Feb/18/2019 20:08
    Tuesday I got a phone call saying they would fix it. I came home on Tuesday night with a giant hole in my bathroom wall and plywood covering (which this was a month ago and it's still there), and sewage still covering the floor and bathtub. My electrical sockets still didn't work, and my smoke detectors had not been replaced. At this point I was in contact with an attorney. The next morning (Wednesday) I received a call asking if it was up to my standard. I may have actually laughed. I explained that no, it is definitely not up to my standards considering I still have sewage covering my bathroom, my apartment still reeks, there are no smoke detectors, and I still have only one working socket in my kitchen. The next day I came home and everything was done (leaving a mess of chalk in my bathroom and some screws on my counter, as well as the plywood covering a hole). Lastly (FINALLY), they have closed one of the visitors lots. It looks like they may be renovating some of the apartments or something and have now turned the visitors lot closest to my unit into storage for equipment. Last night I had a friend spend the night and I showed him where the other visitors lot was. There was only one open spot, but both cars on each side were a little over the line and so he couldn't fit his car into the spot. We decided that would be best to park where residents don't park so we aren't in the way and so we parked next to the closed visitors lot (there's a little 3 spot area right next to it that's too far some any units for residents to want to park there, and I've only seen people park there when there's not room in the visitors lot that's now closed). This morning, his car was gone. He discovered this at 8:30AM. The office opens at 10AM. I have called about a dozen times now (I'm not exagerating), and they still have not turned on their phone system. Also, the # they provided to the residents is no longer a working number. By the way, I have had my car broken into 4 times.
    Houston, TXから

    Feb/18/2019 20:06
    If I could give 0 stars I would. I have had it with this place. First of all, I had a bug infestation WHEN I MOVED IN. I told them 3-4 times. They did nothing. I spent about $300 on getting that resolved myself. Second of all, my smoke detectors would go off for no apparent reason. I don't mean beeping because of low batteries, I mean literally going off for hours at a time. I finally removed them all together after them simply replacing the batteries (if they came at all) for 6 months. I removed them in early September, they were replaced in January. By the way, there was a safety inspection between them being removed and January and they were still not replaced. Third, and certianly not last, my electrical sockets slowly but surely stopped working. It got to the point that I only had one working socket in my kitchen (there are about 8 in the kitchen). I also called and left messages on the resident portal for months. They were finally fixed in January. Fourth (nope, still not last), I moved into this unit in November of 2017. By the time June rolled around I had stuff molding in my apartment. I have two cats, literally both of their carriers were covered in mold. It was extremely humid in my apartment. I didn't know what was going on. Someone looked at my air filter and it had expired in January. According to them when I first moved in, they're supposed to change those when they do inspections. Fifth (I know, right?), I had been having issues with my tiolet. I had called a couple of times to get it fixed, and nothing happened. In January, I came home on a Saturday night to my bathroom and bathtub covered in raw sewage. My whole apartment smelled. I called the emergancy maintence line on Sunday morning, and never heard back from them. On Monday I did my research on property codes and sent them a notice of maintenance request through overnighted certified mail. In the notice I listed the sewage, my electrical sockets, my smoke detectors. Tuesday....
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