Baltic Triangle

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Baltic Triangle のベストな学生用物件を比べてみましょう。Liverpool の、学生生活用に設計された物件をそろえています。物件選びには、専門スタッフがサポートとアドバイスを無料で提供いたします。

平均的な家賃 - Liverpool
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Live between the universities and the Albert Dock at dwell Cathedral Campus, close to the quirky art district and top-notch international eats

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街のシンボルでもあるアーチや中華街、人気のBaltic Triangleに近い物件です



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Baltic Triangle

Rub shoulders with the hip crowd in Liverpool’s trendiest quarter, where historic trade has made way for a creative vibe

If asked to name Liverpool’s most successful international export, you’d probably say the Beatles. But 200 years before the Fab Four, the city saw 40% of the world’s trade pass through its port. In streets where the whaling industry and slave trade once thrived and warehouses were filled with sugar, cotton and spices, today tattooed hipsters sip organic coffee and chow down on locally sourced salads.

The Baltic Triangle, the name coined for the ultra-trendy new creative hub next to the city’s docks, is a nod to Liverpool’s close trading ties with Scandinavia, Even the term Scouse - the Liverpool dialect - has Norwegian roots. Artists, designers, musicians, and digital entrepreneurs are drawn to the huge warehouse spaces that now house cafes, pubs, theatres, galleries and clubs.

Enjoy the buzz of a summer festival all year round at Camp and Furnace, a self styled urban playground where you can eat great street food, dance to 80s’ disco or play table tennis under one roof. Immerse yourself in local history at The Baltic Fleet pub and brewery, said to be haunted by four ghosts. Or grab a rye and chocolate brownie from the Baltic Bakehouse before checking out a flamenco performance at The Lantern Theatre.

Presiding over the area are the Gothic-style Liverpool Cathedral and handsome red-brick Gustav Adolph church, the Scandinavian Seamen’s Church. They’re well worth a visit too - as are the popular docks, home to world-class art gallery Tate Liverpool and many more bars and cafes.