North Sydney

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平均的な家賃 - Sydney
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Make your home in the bustling suburb of Chatswood, surrounded by several shopping malls, cool cafés, restaurants and bars

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North Sydney

Enjoy stunning views of Sydney’s famous harbour from this waterfront locale, and explore its idyllic coast in your downtime

A bustling commercial metropolis on weekdays, North Sydney shifts down a gear come Saturday morning. Spend time enjoying incredible bird’s eye views of the iconic Harbour Bridge and the area’s coves from the retro ferris wheel at Luna Park. Cuddle a koala at Taronga Zoo, and watch the giraffes feeding against the breathtaking backdrop of the Central Business District’s gleaming waterfront skyscrapers.

Next, check out the sweeping ocean views from Bradleys Head Amphitheatre and trample through native bush to Chowder Bay, where you can spend the afternoon swimming and kayaking. Stop for refreshments on the balcony of East Coast Lounge café, and take in the impressive vistas over a cheese plate. Looking out towards the ocean and surrounded by untamed national parks, you’ll feel a million miles away from the busy city. Head north for the crystal-clear waters and white sand of Balmoral Beach, or take a bus over the Spit Bridge and hit the surfer’s paradise at Manly Beach.

Away from North Sydney’s incredible coastline, you’ll still find plenty to keep you occupied after class. Browse the rails in Greenwood Plaza mall’s big-name stores, or check out the area’s quirky boutiques and markets instead. Visit Kirribilli General Market, where you’ll find everything from food to furniture set against a glorious waterfront backdrop. Chill out in trendy bars like Firefly or The Botanist. Then, discover one of North Sydney’s hidden treasures – Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden. Read in the shade of a fig tree, and watch small sailing boats drifting under the Harbour Bridge.