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The Curve - London NestThe Curve - London NestThe Curve - London NestThe Curve - London NestThe Curve - London NestVoir toutes les photos
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2.9(7 commentaires)

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Informations sur la résidence

Live at The Curve, explore within the Tower of London, a medieval castle housing amazing crown jewels which you cannot miss

  • Adresse:

    14 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, Mile End & Bethnal Green, Londres, E1 1ES

  • Trajet jusqu'à Coventry University London Campus

    • 13mins
    • 15mins
    • 9mins
  • Installations:

    Meublé, Salle de sport
  • Factures incluses:

    Wi-Fi, Eau, Électricité, Chauffage, Gaz
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    Single StudioSalle de bain privéeLit simple (environ. 90cm*190cm)Plus d'info
    Emménagez à tout momentDéménagez avant le May 9, 2020
    Séjour minimum 2 semaines
    £290 /sem.
    Double StudioSalle de bain privéeLit double (environ. 135cm*190cm)Plus d'info
    Emménagez à tout moment
    Séjour minimum 2 semaines
    £320 /sem.

    Installations & services


    • Salle de sport
    • Salle de divertissement
    • Entièrement meublé
    • Autres:

      Draps de lit et serviettes de toilette

        Détails des factures


        • Service de nettoyage
        • Wi-Fi
        • Eau
        • Électricité
        • Chauffage
        • Gaz


        Les installations et tarifs dépendent du contrat final.


        Sur 7 commentaires
        À partir de România

        Oct/13/2018 20:24
        The rooms are nice, all the people there were very happy to help us
        À partir de Poland

        Mar/11/2018 08:00
        Great location!
        À partir de France

        Mar/22/2019 21:15
        I can only speak for my own experience. My room was clean when I arrived. Electricity, water, wi-fi all worked. Basic amenities are provided for the kitchenette. Bed linen are provided. Housekeeping swings by once a week. The staff is helpful (as much as they can). There's a Tesco right next to the building which is a plus. Security is decent. There are however some reserves; maintenance can be a little slow, both the kitchenette sink and the bathroom sink are ridiculously small, the bed is not really comfortable, laundry machines tend to be out of serve quite regularly, it's a carpet floor. A little pricy. But still a good option if you can't live on campus. The 25/205 a couple of feet away from the building. Honest and definitive opinion: worth it if you get a studio room; if you wanna share a whole flat, might as well ask for a room on campus.
        À partir de Thailand

        Nov/10/2018 22:13
        The room was pretty dirty on the day i moved, including bathroom. They said the room was cleaned as they best. However, i bought cleaning chemical to clean them myself. Also took dirty and dusty curtains to wash myself. Apart from those above are fine.
        À partir de London

        Nov/07/2017 08:00
        The Curve 在这个网上的评分绝对是虚高的,事实上在google review上只有3.2分。Ensuite的公共厨房卫生环境极差,学生宿舍根本不管这个公共厨房卫生(虽说一星期清理一次可根本没效果)。不过好在反应后,给我提升到了studio。当时提出的条件是如果不接受换房,退款要扣1/4已付的总租金+全部押金。这个公寓studio和ensuite的待遇真的天差地别。Studio就有每周房屋清理啥的。建议能选studio就别选ensuite,能不住the curve就不住,因为退款条款太不公平。Btw,这的wifi还不太好,到期了一定换个wifi稳定的宿舍。
        À partir de Bangkok
        Newcastle University London

        Oct/23/2018 07:12
        Even though we were supposed to stay for 2 weeks. We couldn't move out fast enough. The room was carpeted and gosh it was so dusty. The toilet floor and kitchen floor were no difference. The shelf above the bed was basically broken. Upon arrival, the trash has old rubbish in it along with extremely old sponge that was left in the bathroom. The kitchen is super small that there's so hope for proper cooking. We came down to tell the receptionist who told us to take care of it ourselves. The worst part is the shower. So small and water was boiling hot. The maintenance came it just to told us we turned it the wrong way. We didn't. 10 Minutes after he showed us the rught way to turn it, the water was still boiling hot. Facility was awful. I mean the elevator was used to take out the trash i. the basement. So it smells so horrible from the trash water on the floor which the cleaning team found no need to clean it. We had to hold our breath the whole time. The neighborhood is like the worst part of Whitechapel area as it seemed so dangerous. We didn't feel safe at all. There's a Tesco under the building though. I don't know if they just gave us the worst room in the building or is it all the same. I am just speaking the truth of my experience there. You can stay hopeful if you want. But I wouldn't even consider staying one night at the place. P.S. We managed to stay only for two nights before we found another place to stay.
        À partir de France

        Oct/17/2018 10:08
        If I had to put it in a nutshell, I would say the month I spent at The Curve can be summed up into two words : dirt and insecurity. Pretty close to a nightmare ! And an expensive one ! When I arrived in the room on the first day of my sojourn, almost everything in the room was dirty : the walls were stained, the toilet bowl was dirty, and ... even the bed's sheets, which were stained too, probably with a dirty shoe print on them ! So, during my first day in London, I did spend a few hours to clean my room to remove the dirt ... and I also had to ask for new sheets. Moreover, I felt unsafe during my sojourn at The Curve : the door of the corridor giving access to the flat I lived in that's to say, the grouping of rooms (my room and the rooms of my neighbours) and the communal kitchen which can normally only be opened by my neighbours and myself, remained broken during three weeks. So, basically, anybody could enter the communal kitchen and have access to the corridor of the flat. Fortunately, I could lock the door of my room. However, I had a feeling of a lack of intimacy because, people from staff, like the cleaners, could decide to enter your room at anytime, and nobody informs you. Now, let's talk about the communal kitchen : the kitchen items were not working, quite often. Indeed, for example the microwave, the toaster, and the kettle, couldn't be used sometimes because there was no power. So, I had to ask a few times the staff members to repair the electrical problem, and I had to spend time to ask the staff members an access to another microwave to bake my dinner. Finally, I will say that most of the staff members at the Curve were not pleasant and kind, and there were not really paying attention to my complaints. The only positive thing about The Curve, is its location, really close to the shops, the center of London and the tube (the subway). But, the cost for living in The Curve is too expensive compared to what it is truly worth...
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