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  1. Unilife High Street

    Make your home at Unilife High Street, where you’re close to class and surrounded by some of Southampton’s best bars and cultural attractions

    From £165Per Week View rooms
    1. Bronze – Sharing Kitchen & Bathroom

    2. Bronze Studio

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  2. Vita Student Southampton

    Make your home in this stylish harbourside haven, close to the beautiful city centre and bustling university campus

    From £230Per Week View rooms
    1. Studio - Penthouse

      From £230
    2. Studio - Penthouse Dual Occupancy

      From £276
  3. The Walls

    Make your home close to the Medieval city barricades at The Walls, minutes from riverside parks and great cafés, with easy access to university

    From £105Per Week View rooms
    1. Standard Deluxe Dual Occupancy (Price for per person)

    2. Premium Dual Occupancy (Price for per person)

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  4. Unilife Park House

    Live in a stylish home in Southampton's city centre at Unilife Park House, within reach of pretty green spaces and the Cultural Quarter

    From £199Per Week View rooms
    1. Bronze Studio

    2. Silver Studio

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