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  1. Castings House

    Stroll to campus while making the most of your free time exploring Huddersfield’s sprawling markets and open green spaces

    Per Week
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    1. Bronze plus Ensuite

      From £100 From £110
    2. Silver plus Ensuite

      From £125
  2. Storthes Hall Park

    Join a friendly student community at Storthes Hall Park and live in the green Yorkshire countryside, a short bus ride from campus

    Per Week
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    1. Standard Ensuite

      From £85 From £95
  3. Kingsmill Studios

    Make your home on the banks of the River Colne, near Huddersfield’s quirky boutiques, chic bars and eclectic cultural hubs

    From £149Per Week View rooms
    1. Studio Standard

    2. Studio Premium

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  4. Aspley House and Little Aspley House

    Live at the heart of Huddersfield, surrounded by stunning Victorian architecture and glorious green space

    From £99Per Week View rooms
    1. Little Aspley House - Bronze En Suite

      From £99
    2. Aspley House - Bronze En Suite

      From £100 From £105
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  5. Ashenhurst Houses

    Set up home at Ashenhurst Houses, near the University of Huddersfield and the quirky bars and eateries of the city centre

    Per Week
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    1. Standard Room

      From £85 From £92
  6. Broomfield House

    Live five minutes from class at Broomfield House, in an industrial-chic studio that puts the bright lights of the city centre at your fingertips

    £130Per Week View rooms
    1. Standard Studio Apartment

  7. Oldgate House

    Roll out of bed and into class from Oldgate House, a short stroll from the university campus and surrounded by boutiques, bars and cafés

    From £135Per Week View rooms
    1. Classic studio

      From £135

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