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  1. Beaverbank

    Settle into the desirable district of Edinburgh’s New Town at Beaverbank, with acres of parkland and the Royal Gardens nearby

    From £127Per Week View rooms
    1. Classic 5 bed ensuite

    2. Classic 4 bed ensuite

  2. Haddington Place

    Make yourself at home in Haddington Place, just minutes from Edinburgh’s major landmarks and the social scene of Broughton Street

    £165Per Week View rooms
    1. Standard Studio

      From £165
  3. The Haymarket

    Fall in love with Haymarket’s quirky creativity in a neighbourhood full of top-rated restaurants and eclectic arts spaces

    From £155Per Week View rooms
    1. Club Studio

      From £155
    2. Standard Studio

      From £175
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  4. Wellgate

    Discover the stunning architecture of Edinburgh’s Old Town when you’re based at Wellgate, minutes from campus and rugged Holyrood Park

    £165Per Week View rooms
    1. Standard En-suite in Cluster Flat

    2. Penthouse

      From £250 From £300

    Leave CODE HOSTEL, walk by ordered terraces in the New Town to explore cobbled lanes in the Old Town in a city bursting with culture and history

    From £140Per Week View rooms
    1. Code Hostel 4 Bed Dorm

      From £140
    2. Code Hostel 6 Bed Dorm

      From £140
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  6. iQ Edinburgh Fountainbridge

    Experience everything from international rugby matches to historic local landmarks in Haymarket’s thriving student community

    Sold out On Student.com View rooms
  7. Elliott House

    Discover the beauty of Edinburgh in an area full of historic landmarks, edgy cultural venues and stunning green parks

    Sold out On Student.com View rooms
  8. Potterrow

    With the university close by and Edinburgh’s highlights at your fingertips, you’ve got one of the best addresses in the city

    Sold out On Student.com View rooms
  9. iQ Edinburgh Grove

    Bursting with student life and coffee shops, you’ll live the good life in Edinburgh when staying at elegant iQ Grove

    Sold out On Student.com View rooms
  10. Gateway Apartments

    Keep the city centre and its campuses within easy reach at Gateway Apartments, and soak up the atmosphere of lively North Edinburgh and Leith

    Sold out On Student.com View rooms
  11. James Craig Court

    Live in the heart of Edinburgh at James Craig Court, close to beautiful parks, world-class comedy venues and the Royal Mile’s shops

    Sold out On Student.com View rooms
  12. McDonald Road

    Live between Leith and the city centre at McDonald Road, and spend weekends wandering along the scenic Water of Leith or exploring Carlton Hill

    Sold out On Student.com View rooms

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