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  1. Merlin Point

    Fall for the charms of a fully furnished apartment at Merlin Point, just minutes from the city centre and steps from Coventry University

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  2. Casselden House

    Live close to Coventry University at Casselden House, and spend your downtime flitting between cobbled streets and modern retail playgrounds

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  3. Falcon House

    Walk from Falcon House into the city to shop, admire ancient castle and cathedral ruins, picnic in parks and gardens and eat out with friends

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  4. Fortress House

    Live just steps from the Belgrade Theatre and the shopping district, and have Coventry University just around the corner

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  5. Penny Black House

    Live at the heart of it all at Penny Black House, with the historic Cathedral Quarter on one side and the bustling retail district on the other

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  6. Study Inn Corporation Street

    Walk to Coventry University from Study Inn Corporation Street, and spend your downtime browsing Coventry Market or wandering along the canals

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  7. Study Inn Coventry Tower

    Live in the heart of the city at Study Inn Coventry Tower, a short walk from uni, with great shops and theatres in your neighbourhood

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  8. Study Inn Market Way

    Live in the heart of the city at Study Inn Market Way, close to Coventry University, popular art spaces and some of the area’s best eateries

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  9. Study Inn Trinity Street/Burges

    Blend history with culture when you live at Study Inn Trinity Street/Burges, a short walk from local landmarks like the Belgrade Theatre

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  10. Waters Court

    Walk to class at Coventry University and discover historic Tudor buildings, art galleries and shopping malls in your downtime

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