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  1. Brunswick House

    Live in the heart of Cambridge, surrounded by shops and cafés and just a short walk from the banks of the river Cam

    From £177Per Week View rooms
    1. En-suite 5 Bed

    2. En-suite 6 Bed

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  2. The Railyard

    Wander through the cobbled streets of historic Cambridge as you stroll to university and explore your charming surroundings

    From £160Per Week View rooms
    1. 2 Bed Flat per person

      From £160
    2. Bronze Studio

      From £171
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  3. Student Castle Cambridge

    Immerse yourself in history when you live at Student Castle Cambridge, close to leafy Jesus Green and the cobbles of King’s Parade

    From £215Per Week View rooms
    1. Darwin Studio Single Occupancy

    2. Darwin Studio Double occupancy

  4. Study Inn Cambridge

    Set up home at Study Inn Cambridge, a few minutes’ walk from the centre of campus and close to some of the city’s most recognisable sights

    From £205Per Week View rooms
    1. Deluxe studio

    2. Deluxe plus studio


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