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Spruce Hill - σύγκρινε τα καλύτερα δωμάτια σε φοιτητικές εστίες. Ζήσε μαζί με άλλους φοιτητές σε εστίες ειδικά σχεδιασμένες για φοιτητική ζωή. Το Student.com προσφέρει μια δωρεάν υπηρεσία στους φοιτητές - θα σε βοηθήσουμε να κλείσεις το ιδανικό δωμάτιο για εσένα γρήγορα και εύκολα.

Μέσες τιμές - Φιλαδέλφεια
Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα$2.047/μήνα
Ιδιωτ. δωμάτιο$1.251/μήνα
Δωμάτιο-2+ άτομα$909/μήνα
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Γίνε ένα με τη ζωντανή φοιτητική κοινότητα στο University City Associates, δύο βήματα μακριά από μεταμεσονύκτια εστιατόρια και σύγχρονες γκαλερί τέχνης

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  • $810Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα
Προβολή δωματίων

At 40th&ChestnutStreets,embrace the camaraderie of student living in Spruce Hill,a thriving college community near the University of Philadelphia

    • $1.800Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα
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    From 15th & Jefferson Streets student halls,discover the campus landmarks of Temple University while enjoying great links to central Philadelphia

      • $1.320Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα
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      Set the scene for your college experience in an apartment surrounded by green spaces, cultural enclaves and foodie favorites

        • $1.238Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα
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        Explore the independent cultural spots and creative eateries that make up bohemian Spruce Hill from your base at The Blenheim

          • $1.145Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα
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          Jump into an area filled with famous cultural spots, tranquil parks and deliciously inventive eateries, and have UPenn nearby

            • $1.200Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα
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            Make your home in an area filled with cultural hangout spots and diverse eateries, yet quiet enough to let you study in peace

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              Αν βρεις χαμηλότερη τιμή κάπου θα την αντιστοιχίσουμεΌροι & Προϋποθέσεις

            • Η έξυπνη επιλογή

              Προβάλλουμε μόνο τα καλύτερα δωμάτια σε διαμερίσματα που διατίθενται από ελεγμένους και αξιόπιστους ιδιοκτήτες

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              Λάβε συμβουλές από την φιλική μας ομάδα πολύγλωσσων ειδικών

            Spruce Hill

            Brimming with unique shops and quirky eateries, bohemian Spruce Hill boasts a community that’s as welcoming as it is diverse

            Choose Spruce Hill as your new home and become part of a vibrant community located in one of Philadelphia’s most exciting neighborhoods. A pedestrian’s paradise, this is an area of leafy streets, historic buildings and independent boutiques regularly interspersed with unexpected treasures. Learn about the Civil Rights Movement at the home of Philadelphian activist Paul Robeson; or get in touch with your spiritual side at Studio 34, a healing centre dedicated to yoga and meditation.

            One of the city’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, Spruce Hill has a rich heritage rooted in the cultures of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Head to Chestnut Street to indulge in the exotic flavours of its many specialty restaurants - including Senegalese fare at Kilimanjaro, and Kabobeesh’s authentic Pakistani favorites. Browse the shops and eateries of multicultural Baltimore Avenue to experience another sensory spectacle - especially during the much-loved Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll street festival.

            Spruce Hill’s unique character is perhaps nowhere more obvious than at Clark Park, an amazing green space that hosts community events throughout the year. Watch local theatre companies perform live Shakespeare, browse for fresh ingredients at the weekly Farmer’s Markets, or settle in for open-air movie nights throughout the summer. Whatever the season, Clark Park is a microcosm of the creativity that makes Spruce Hill so special.

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