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Newcastle upon Tyne - σύγκρινε τα καλύτερα δωμάτια σε φοιτητικές εστίες. Ζήσε μαζί με άλλους φοιτητές σε εστίες ειδικά σχεδιασμένες για φοιτητική ζωή. Το σου προσφέρει μια 100% δωρεάν υπηρεσία, χωρίς επιπλέον χρεώσεις στην τελική τιμή.

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Newcastle 1


Spend your days soaking up Newcastle’s high culture and Classical architecture, or just hit the shops in this diverse city

Liberty Plaza


Απόλαυσε τη ζωή στο κέντρο του Νιούκασλ – περπάτησε μέχρι το πανεπιστήμιο, ψώνισε στην Eldon Square, απόλαυσε πικ-νικ στα πάρκα και νουντλς στην Chinatown

The Foundry


Ζήσε στο The Foundry, ακριβώς στην καρδιά του κέντρου της πόλης του Νιούκασλ, δίπλα σε γκαλερί τέχνης και δημοφιλή κλαμπ


Liberty Quay Studios


At Liberty Quay Studios, you’ll be surrounded by independent galleries, stylish shops and gourmet cafés of Newcastle’s creative waterfront

St. James' Point


Get a taste of Newcastle's football fervour or be just as well placed for indie cinema, live music and city centre shopping

Knoll Court


Live minutes from Millennium Bridge at Knoll Court, just a short hop from the buzzing Quayside and the famous BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

St James' House


Live a few steps from Newcastle United’s home ground at St James' House, minutes from campus and close to Eldon Square’s shops



Make your home at Verde, next door to St James’ Park Stadium, a short walk from the university and close to Chinatown’s authentic eateries


Tyne Student Living


Live a short walk from the river at Tyne Student Living and it won’t take you long to get to lectures, restaurants and cultural hotspots

Vita Student at Strawbery Place


At Vita Student at Strawberry Place, live next door to the city centre’s perfect parks, legendary sports stadiums and sprawling shopping centres

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Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is bursting with urban culture, innovative businesses and is renowned UK wide for its super friendly atmosphere

Newcastle is a small city with a big heart. Here you’ll enjoy all the benefits of urban living – modern art, sporting events, lively nightlife – with the added bonus of a small town charm. The city is immensely walkable. You might begin the day with a stroll among market stalls, then catch a matinee at an indie cinema, and cap it all off with a live gig in a refurbished bingo hall. Along the way you’ll encounter iconic bridges, street musicians, stately listed buildings, and grazing cows on the Town Moor.  No matter the path you take, the fun loving Geordies will always make you feel at home.

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