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Από £270 /εβδομάδα
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4.2(45 reviews)


617 students favored this property

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Make your London home in a peaceful canalside spot moments from the hubbub of Kings Cross and vibrant Camden’s music scene

  • Address:

    103B Camley Street, St. Pancras, Kings Cross, Λονδίνο, N1C 4BN

  • Απόσταση από UAL Central Saint Martins

    • 8λεπ.
    • 11λεπ.
  • Free cancellation period:

    Within 14 calendar days

  • Facilities:

    Furnished, Laundry
  • Bills included:

    WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating, Gas
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    Ιδιωτ. δωμάτιο

    Ολόκλ. Διαμέρισμα

    Category room: Private room

    This is the description of a private room. The user should be informed that they do not need to share a private room as they can sleep and study in their own space. They will be able to meet their neighbours thanks to the shared additional living spaces and facilities. The user can find more details in the property description.

    Private RoomΜπάνιο κοινής χρήσηςLabel displayed for Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 12, 2019Move out Sep 2, 2020
    Stay 51 εβδομάδες
    Από £270 /εβδομάδα
    Ensuite room in 5 person flatΙδιωτικό μπάνιοLabel displayed for Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 12, 2019Move out Sep 2, 2020
    Stay 51 εβδομάδες
    £299 /εβδομάδα
    Ensuite room in 8 person flatΙδιωτικό μπάνιοLabel displayed for Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 12, 2019Move out Sep 2, 2020
    Stay 51 εβδομάδες
    £299 /εβδομάδα
    Ensuite room in a 12 person flatΙδιωτικό μπάνιοLabel displayed for Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 12, 2019Move out Sep 2, 2020
    Stay 51 εβδομάδες
    £304 /εβδομάδα
    Ensuite room in 10 person flatΙδιωτικό μπάνιοLabel displayed for Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 12, 2019Move out Sep 2, 2020
    Stay 51 εβδομάδες
    £309 /εβδομάδα
    Ensuite room in 6 person flatΙδιωτικό μπάνιοLabel displayed for Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 12, 2019Move out Sep 2, 2020
    Stay 51 εβδομάδες
    £314 /εβδομάδα

    Room type Entire Place

    This is a description of a fully rented property. The user will be able to relax in their own self-contained property. This will be their own living space with cooking and bathing facilities only for themselves. The property can be rented by friends for more place or to split the cost.

    StudioΙδιωτικό μπάνιοLabel displayed for Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 12, 2019Move out Sep 2, 2020
    Stay 51 εβδομάδες
    £444 /εβδομάδα

    Facilities & Services


    • Bike storage
    • Reception
    • Onsite Manager
    • Elevators
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Library / Study Area
    • Fully Furnished
    • Communal Laundry (Coin-operated)
    • Others:

      Communal Events, Computer Lab, Communal Kitchen, Outdoor Area, Vending Machines, Wheelchair Access, Broadband in Room (All Free)

    Title for Security & safety within facilities section on property page

    • CCTV / Surveillance Cameras
    • Security Alarm
    • Maintenance Team (24-hour on site)
    • Controlled Access Gate (24-hour)
    • Controlled Access Gate (Locked gate)

    Facilities type within property page for Property rules

    • No Smoking

    Bills Details

    Inclusive of

    • Wifi
    • Water
    • Contents Insurance
    • Electricity
    • Heating
    • Gas


    Facilities and fares are subject to the final contract.

    Cancellation Policies

    Αν χρειαστεί να ακυρώσεις την κράτησή σου, παρακαλούμε κάνε αίτηση μέσα σε 14 μέρες μετά την καταβολή της, αλλιώς η προκαταβολή δεν θα επιστραφεί.

    Label for Additional Information
    Customer can cancel with refund of 1-week upfront rent payment if a written letter of cancellation is sent to urbanest UK. A written letter of cancellation must be e-mailed to; enquiries@urbanest.co.uk The letter should detail the booking reference, customer name and a reason for cancelling.

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    Based on 45 reviews
    From London

    Oct/26/2017 07:00
    From Japan

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    Area is safe and the building has key-fob entry. I sometimes go to O'Neill's pub, near the station. I think this building is good value for money. It is a new building so the kitchen is very clean. I have a big desk in my room which is good.
    From Britain

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    ... other apartments before we moved in and you can get things that are closer to our uni, like on Baker Street, that are cheaper. But you also then have to deal with private landlords and you also have to deal with not having all the facilities we have. So, I think for value for money wise it is good. You can get cheaper but I think you'd be foolish because you get different things here. I think the best point is that we all go to a gym which is literally just down the road. But also the tube because we're quite lazy.
    From Sweden

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    Favourite places to eat and drink are in Camden Town, Covent Garden, Leicester Square. Compared to halls this is good value for money. I like the kitchen as I've met new people from very different nationalities and it makes everything special here.
    From Norway

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    ... up all the extra costs, it's not a lot higher here but it is quite expensive. Facilities are good, it feels like home. It's clean, it's pretty new, it's the location, everything. It's sound proof. I lived in New York last semester, and it was terrible. The building quality is so much better here. It takes me just 15 minutes to bike to school from here. I have been super-nerdy. So I haven't really been out that much, so I don't know the best places to eat/drink. I've lived in six apartments before this. Several places. And I actually felt good from the first time I got here. The quality of the building. The environment. The area. I mean, the whole package sort of makes it really good. The common room is kind of nice and we have school parties every now and then. There's a good atmosphere, people are relaxed and happy. I mean, we have people going around here in boxer shorts and pyjamas. It's pretty relaxed. Safety-wise we have people here at all times. So you can always as a question and if they don't know the answer they will find an answer. I don't really have anything that doesn't make me feel safe.
    From Kenya

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    Basically you can get anywhere really and truly; it's connected. The rooms are big. You can move about. It's got enough storage, which is really good, with the books and also clothes. Yes, it is actually quite, compared to what I've seen in other student accommodation, the space is big. You will always find somebody from security sitting here. So, on those basis it's very safe. And also the area in itself we don't see nobody just lingering about and up to no good. Everyone is busy I would say.
    From Turkey

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    ... to station. There are a lot of Turkish restaurants here. There's a Co-op which is handy. My room's a studio apartment. I asked for a table and two chairs to eat on it, because we have a study desk, and I don't want to use my study desk to eat, but they said, "No", because they just provide the bed and study desk and the chair. So it is the only thing I don't like. I'm a smoker so I go to the seventh floor; there's a beautiful terrace there. Atmosphere-wise the people are nice, the staff are nice. I don't know them all, of course, because I just moved in, but they look fun. I feel safe because there is always a person here and we have keys to open the door.
    From USA

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    ... the residence. It's better than the other student dorms for the same price. I used to pay less in Urbanest King's Cross for the exact same room. It isn't the cheapest but compared to the facilities that we get we are better off. The area might be all right, but the dorm is pretty safe. It's quite secure. The dorm is really good. You've got a really good common room. It's quite relaxing. Facility-wise it's good. Hiring equipment like vacuum cleaners and irons are a problem; you actually have to come down and get it and sometimes they are unavailable. You've got really good food, in Camden Town, King's Cross can take you to other places very accessible. I like Dishoom which is just five minutes away. It's a really good Indian Restaurant. It's quite vibrant especially on Friday nights in the common room. We do have the 24 hour security. The Reception. It's pretty safe. You've got the gated system which activates at night so in that way it's pretty safe. But I don't think the area and the walk to your dorm is quite safe.
    From Scotland

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    ... minutes on the tube. I have quite a few friends around here. The building has quite a few facilities, I play FIFA with some of my friends. My room has everything I need like a desk and plenty of places for my clothes. It has a positive vibe here, I think it starts with the people on the front desk, they're dead happy and smiling. Security-wise I like these electronic keys to get through all the doors, we also have someone on the desk 24 hours and there's a big gate at the front.
    From USA

    Jan/06/2015 08:00
    ... Camden is right up the road. It's nice to have the Co-op is right there. So, the location is pretty ideal. It's an en-suite room; I have my own bathroom. Everything works perfectly. I've got my own window; own desk; everything it needs. So, it's good
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