Ανακάλυψε London

London - φοιτητικές εστίες

A sprawling city of theatre, iconic landmarks and music, discover why London is popular with students from over the globe

London is the perfect blend of old and new, with historic landmarks Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, sharing a skyline with the new and innovative London Eye and the Shard. After lectures, step back in time among the dinosaurs at the free Natural History Museum, before meeting up with friends for cocktails overlooking the city as the sun goes down. From green spaces and quaint pubs in Kensington & Chelsea, to the creative haven of Shoreditch, explore the city’s network of neighbourhoods, each hugely diverse in their own distinct character. King’s Cross is jam-packed full of food and music venues, thanks to its close proximity to many of London’s top universities, meanwhile the City of London dazzles with its array of iconic skyscrapers. No matter where you live in this vibrant city, each neighbourhood will have something for you.


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