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Dundee - Φοιτητική ζωή

Vibrant, creative and super convenient. Dundee is a small, fun and friendly city close to the beach and untamed countryside

As the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design, Dundee is a city rich in creativity. Home to world-renowned game companies responsible for Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, this is a great city to study in if you’re interested in the tech, design or art industries. Dundee is the sunniest city in Scotland which is perfect for enjoying the area’s glorious beach and the stunning River Tay. It is known as Scotland’s biggest village because of its friendliness and strong community. Picnic in nearby leafy Balgay, Victoria or head to Broughty Ferry Beach with a blanket and snacks to watch a spectacular sunset. When hunger bites, head to the West End for some of the best eateries. Night-time fun can be found at numerous bars and clubs around town.

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Find fantastic museums, great galleries, and a lively creative quarter in this small bustling Scottish city

There’s a lot to do in Dundee. Visit an exhibition, go to the beach or explore the countryside - you’re in the heart of Scotland. Here are some of our favourites places in this diverse city.

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Enjoy living in stylish, modern accommodation, just minutes from the city centre and Dundee’s main cultural hubs

Our properties range from private studios and apartments to cluster flats with ensuite rooms that you can share with friends. They’re all within walking distance to the university, as well as the city centre and the best student night spots.