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Cambridge - Φοιτητική ζωή

Spend your days cycling around this beautiful university city, reflecting by the river and admiring the colleges and chapel

Imagine walking cobbled streets, passing through ancient stone archways into the same colleges that have inspired royalty, politicians and great scholars like Charles Darwin and John Maynard Keynes. Living in Cambridge you’ll share your home with over 20,000 students. Get to know each pretty bridge over the River Cam or head onto its waters in a punt or in a rowing team. Use the stunning 16th Century colleges and towering spires to navigate your way around this compact city. When you’re not studying, get some fresh air in the city’s glorious green spaces. It’s hard to believe you can be in London in under an hour by train. No need to leave Cambridge to seek out entertainment though. Your diary will be packed with live music, theater as well as the city’s beer, folk and many other festivals.

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Enjoy cultural experiences, get your fix of historical buildings and fill up with incredible dining

There are some things you can’t leave Cambridge without experiencing. Follow our tips on the choral services, gardens and cafés that demand to be visited.

Φοιτητικές Εστίες

Surround yourself in rich academic culture with the colleges of University of Cambridge a short bike ride or walk away

Find luxury studios where you can enjoy a peaceful space of your own. Or choose contemporary ensuite rooms with shared kitchens and living spaces where you can get to know some of the students that you share this incredible city with.

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