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Από SGD700 /μήνα

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Λεπτομέρειες Εστίας

Kovan Residence has complete facilities, eg. swimming pool and gym, which is free. And its living environment is very beautiful. The managment will arrange somebody to clean the public area regularly.

  • Address:

    1 Kovan Road, HouGang, Singapore, 544915

  • Απόσταση από DIMENSIONS International College

    • 6λεπ.
    • 3λεπ.
  • Facilities:

    Laundry, Gym
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    Facilities & Services


    • Gym
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Communal Laundry (Free)
    • Others:

      Aircon, Basketball Court, BBQ, Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Title for Security & safety within facilities section on property page

    • CCTV / Surveillance Cameras
    • Controlled Access Gate (Locked gate)


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