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Από JP¥86.000 /μήνα


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Λεπτομέρειες Εστίας

Make your home six minutes from Toyo University at HAKUSAN HOUSE, with shops, entertainment venues, and beautiful green spaces close by

  • Address:

    4-33-14 HAKUSAN, Τόκιο, 113-0001

  • Απόσταση από Toyo University
    • 10λεπ.
    • 4λεπ.
  • Απόσταση από The University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus)
    • 22λεπ.
    • 9λεπ.
  • Facilities: Kitchen, Furnished, Laundry, Refrigerator
  • Bills included: WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating, Gas
  • Facilities & Services

    • Wifi
    • Cinema Room
    • Refrigerator
    • Bike storage
    • Reception
    • Onsite Manager
    • Elevators
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Communal Kitchen
    • Library / Study Area
    • Fully Furnished
    • Communal Laundry (Coin-operated)
    Title for Security & safety within facilities section on property page
    • CCTV / Surveillance Cameras
    • Maintenance Team (24-hour on call)
    • Security Officer (24-hour patrol)
    • Controlled Access Gate (24-hour)
    Facilities type within property page for Property rules
    • No Pets
    • No under 18

    Bills Details

    All inclusive bills

    The price is the final price, no other fees added

    • Wifi
    • Water
    • Electricity
    • Heating
    • Gas
    Facilities and fares are subject to the final contract.

    Booking Terms

    Cancellation Policy



    1. 乙は、本契約に基づく居室の賃貸及び本サービスの提供が学生寮としての使用を目的としたものであり、




    Student acknowledges that the lease of the Premises and the provision of the Services pursuant to

    this Agreement shall be rendered for the purpose of use as student dormitory and it is difficult for

    Uninest to find a successor user if this Agreement is terminated during the Term. Accordingly,

    Student may not cancel this Agreement during the Term without prior written approval of Uninest.

    2. 前項にかかわらず、乙がやむを得ない事由により契約期間中に本契約の解約を求めた場合、乙は以下の各


    (1) 途中解約をする日の4週間前までに書面で甲に通知すること

    (2) 賃料、礼金その他本契約に基づき乙が甲に支払済の金員の返還を請求できないこと

    (3) 途中解約違約金として、賃料の5週間分相当額を支払うこと

    (4) 途中解約違約金として、短縮された期間に本来支払うべき賃料との差額相当額(長期割引相当額)を


    Notwithstanding the preceding Paragraph, if Student wishes to cancel this Agreement due to

    unavoidable circumstances during the Term, Student must:

    (1) provide written notice to Uninest at least four (4) weeks before the cancellation date;

    (2) not request a refund of the key money and any other money already paid by Student to Uninest

    under this Agreement;

    (3) pay to Uninest an amount equal to five (5) weeks Rent; and

    (4) pay to Uninest an amount equal to the difference between the Rent paid for the shortened term

    versus the Rent the Student should have paid had they originally contracted for that shortened


    For more information, please refer to the property's terms & conditions. The property reserves the right to interpret and modify the terms with sole discretion.
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