Modern Studio @ Causeway Bay

Modern Studio @ Causeway BayStudent accommodation photo for Modern Studio in Causeway Bay, Hong KongStudent accommodation photo for Modern Studio in Causeway Bay, Hong KongStudent accommodation photo for Modern Studio in Causeway Bay, Hong KongStudent accommodation photo for Modern Studio in Causeway Bay, Hong KongView all photos
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HK$28.500HK$23.000 /μήνα

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Modern Studio@Causeway Bay

  • Address:

    264-265 Gloucester Road, Hong Kong, 00000

  • Απόσταση από The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    • 277λεπ.
    • 57λεπ.
    • 25λεπ.
  • Facilities:

  • Bills included:

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    Category room: Private room

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    2 Bedroom ApartmentΜπάνιο κοινής χρήσηςappr. 60m²Floor 16Label displayed for King single bedMore details
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    Stay 12 μήνες
    HK$28.500HK$23.000 /μήνα
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    Facilities & Services


    • Communal Laundry (Free)
    • Others:

      Aircon, Cable TV Subscription

    Title for Security & safety within facilities section on property page

    • CCTV / Surveillance Cameras
    • Maintenance Team (Daytime only)

      Bills Details

      Inclusive of

      • Cleaning Service
      • Wifi


      Facilities and fares are subject to the final contract.

      Πολιτική Ακύρωσης Κρατήσεων

      Πολιτική Ακύρωσης για COVID-19:

      Kaisuites Limited 20FALL 安心住计划

      Kaisuites Limited 针对新冠疫情停课期间的留学方案,(以下简称 “Kaisuites”)

      方案1:学生租客需提前一个月通知Kaisuites 具体入住时间,方便Kaisuites合理安排和管理空置期房源以减少损失。例如:学生于2020年9月1日通知Kaisuites,则Kaisuites会确保学生在10月1日顺利入住房源。(即学生租客可豁免停课未入住期间的所有租金)




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