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Urbanest Sydney CentralUrbanest Sydney CentralUrbanest Sydney Centralurbanest Sydney Central twin share studio kitchenStudent accommodation photo for urbanest Sydney Central in Sydney Central, SydneyView all photos
Εγγύηση Student.comGet a full refund and cancel for free if you don't get your place at University or your visa to study abroadMore details
Από A$385 /εβδομάδα
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Λεπτομέρειες Εστίας

Live within walking distance of the universities, amidst interactive museums, contemporary galleries and beautiful parks

  • Address:

    483 Wattle Street, Ultimo.., Sydney Central, Σίδνεϊ, NSW 2007

  • Απόσταση από Torrens University Australia, Sydney, Ultimo Campus

    • 2λεπ.
    • 2λεπ.
  • Απόσταση από University of Technology Sydney

    • 7λεπ.
    • 7λεπ.
    • 3λεπ.
  • Facilities:

    Furnished, Laundry, Gym
  • Bills included:

    WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating, Gas
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    Category room: Private room

    This is the description of a private room. The user should be informed that they do not need to share a private room as they can sleep and study in their own space. They will be able to meet their neighbours thanks to the shared additional living spaces and facilities. The user can find more details in the property description.

    Single Ensuite Room in a 6 Person ApartmentΙδιωτικό μπάνιοappr. 18m²Floor 1-4Label displayed for Single bed (appr. 92cm*188cm)More details
    Move in Jul 11, 2020Move out Jul 10, 2021
    Stay 52 εβδομάδες
    Από A$485 /εβδομάδα
    Move in Jul 11, 2020Move out Jan 10, 2021
    Stay 26 εβδομάδες
    Από A$515 /εβδομάδα
    Single Ensuite Room in a 4 Person ApartmentΙδιωτικό μπάνιοappr. 18m²Floor 1-4Label displayed for Single bed (appr. 92cm*188cm)More details
    Move in Jul 11, 2020Move out Jul 10, 2021
    Stay 52 εβδομάδες
    Από A$495 /εβδομάδα
    Move in Jul 11, 2020Move out Jan 10, 2021
    Stay 26 εβδομάδες
    Από A$525 /εβδομάδα

    Room type Entire Place

    This is a description of a fully rented property. The user will be able to relax in their own self-contained property. This will be their own living space with cooking and bathing facilities only for themselves. The property can be rented by friends for more place or to split the cost.

    Large Studio with Double BedΙδιωτικό μπάνιοFloor 1-4Label displayed for Double bed (appr. 138cm*188cm)More details
    Move in Jul 11, 2020Move out Jul 10, 2021
    Stay 52 εβδομάδες
    Από A$599 /εβδομάδα
    Move in Jul 11, 2020Move out Jan 10, 2021
    Stay 26 εβδομάδες
    Από A$629 /εβδομάδα

    Facilities & Services


    • Gym
    • Bike storage
    • Reception
    • Onsite Manager
    • Elevators
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Library / Study Area
    • Fully Furnished
    • Communal Laundry (Coin-operated)
    • Laundry Facilities in Student's Apartment
    • Others:

      Aircon, BBQ, Computer Lab, Communal Kitchen, Outdoor Area, TV in Room, Vending Machines, Wheelchair Access, Valet Trash Pick Up

    Title for Security & safety within facilities section on property page

    • CCTV / Surveillance Cameras
    • Maintenance Team (Daytime only)
    • Security Officer (24-hour patrol)
    • Controlled Access Gate (24-hour)
    • Controlled Access Gate (Locked gate)

    Facilities type within property page for Property rules

    • No Smoking
    • No Alcohol in Communal/Public Areas

    Bills Details

    Inclusive of

    • Wifi
    • Water
    • Contents Insurance
    • Electricity
    • Heating
    • Gas


    Facilities and fares are subject to the final contract.

    Πολιτική Ακύρωσης Κρατήσεων

    Εγγύηση Student.com
    Πολιτική Ακύρωσης για COVID-19:

    "Stress-Free" cancellation 14 days before arrival in the event that:

    1.Visa denied - if a student’s visa application is rejected or the visa centre remains closed;

    2.Travel Ban - if there is a travel ban either in the student’s country of origin or in Australia preventing students from traveling as planned;

    3.Medical Condition - in the unfortunate event that the student or close family member falls sick. Evidence will need to be provided.

    Label for Additional Information

    We understand, the importance of flexible and stress-free bookings during the COVID-19 pandemic for students wanting to live at Urbanest in Semester 2, 2020.

    That is why we are providing more flexibility to give you so much more peace of mind, when you reserve rooms at Urbanest for your students.

    Now with the uStress Less framework^, students will have even more flexibility.

    It is simple...if current Australian Government travel restrictions are extended beyond the commencement date of your contract, the commencement date will be adjusted to be in line with the Government travel restrictions being lifted. As a bonus, if you have a confirmed booking for Semester 2, 2020 and you are unable to arrive before 1 November 2020, Urbanest will defer your booking to Semester 1, 2021 at your Semester 2, 2020 rates**.

    • All commencement dates will be adjusted to 14 days after the travel restrictions are lifted in Australia.
    • Students that have a confirmed booking have an option to cancel their booking at any stage before the travel  restrictions being lifted in Australia without incurring a penalty.
    • Upon the travel restrictions being lifted in Australia affected students will have a further 5 days to cancel their  booking without incurring a penalty.
    • Students must inform Urbanest if the travel restrictions are not lifted in their country at the time when they have  been lifted in Australia.

     ^Terms and Conditions apply.

      uStress Less framework Terms & Conditions:

    • uStress Less framework is valid through 31 October 2020.
    • If travel restrictions are still in place on 31 October 2020, all confirmed booking will be cancelled, and 2021  contract dates offered.
    • Given the uncertain nature of when and how the travel ban is lifted, Urbanest reserves the right to cancel any booking that has not commenced with 48 hours’ notice, in consultation at any stage prior to the Australian entry restrictions being lifted by the Australian Government.
    • In the event that the Australian entry restrictions are lifted to certain regions, but a student’s Country of Origin is still subject to entry restrictions into Australia, Urbanest reserves the right to cancel or defer the booking with 48 hours’ notice in consultation
    • In the event a student’s Country of Origin has travel restrictions in place beyond the Australian entry restrictions being lifted that restrict the student from entering Australia, Urbanest reserves the right to cancel the booking with 48 hours’ notice

    **Only for students that have a confirmed S2 booking that can prove they are unable to arrive before 1 November 2020.

    **This price guarantee does not apply to the Urbanest Darlington property.


    为了让您安心预订,减轻您的后顾之忧,Urbanest已全面更新2020 第2学期的无忧预订政策,如果澳大利亚现行的旅行禁令在合同生效开始日期之后仍持续,租期开始时间将根据政府取消旅行限制的时间进行调整:

    • 租期将调整为澳洲禁令解除14天后起租
    • 已有预订且未入住的学生可在澳洲禁令解除前随时取消预订,且不产生任何费用
    • 如澳洲旅行禁令解除后学生因本国家禁令仍无法出境,请及时告知我们
    • 如果您已预订2020年第二学期起租, 但无法在2020年11月1日前入住, Urbanest可帮你延期至2021第一学期起租,租金将保持2020年价格×


    • 此版本政策有效至2020年10月31日
    • 如2020年10月31日澳洲禁令仍未取消, Urbanest 将帮学生延期至2021年起租
    • 鉴于澳洲禁令不确定性,Urbanest 有权在通知后48小时内取消学生未起租的预订
    • 如澳洲已对一些地区解除禁令,但学生本国家仍受澳洲入境限制,Urbanest 有权在协商后48小时内取消学生预订。
    • 如学生因原国家的旅行禁令无法入境澳大利亚,Urbanest 有权在通知后48小时内取消学生预订。

    ×此项条款仅适用于已有2020年第二学期预订,且可证明无法在2020年11月1日前到达的学生 , 同时Darlington宿点舍无法保证延期后租金不变。

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    Based on 22 reviews

    两个人的房间23平米真的有点小 重点是床很小 是一米x两米的床 一开始睡起来是很难受的 但是床垫还是很舒服的 睡久了也就习惯了 桌子柜子设施什么都不错 可以放东西的空间很多 不过学习的椅子就有点高 需要驼背写字 客厅的整体都很棒 冰箱也挺大的 总而言之 不好的地方只有以上几点 其他个人觉得还不错 哦 价格有点贵 不过这个地理位置真的很棒 我是新南威尔士大学的 坐车也很方便 慢慢走8分钟内可以到车站 旁边有好多购物的地方 离kmart coles woolworths 和chinatown以及city都很近很方便

    这家Urbanest地理位置绝对是好的,离两大超市都只有几分钟的路程,附近吃的也多。 离UTS比较近,Usyd的话看在哪个院了,走法学楼一刻钟左右,商科楼20分钟。 设施方面的话,洗衣机洗4刀烘干4刀,一次就8刀、、、还是比较贵。如果手洗水槽比较小,有点辛苦。 厨房电磁炉我们6人间4个位置(不过一般也不会有人一起开灶),烤箱微波炉啥都有。储物空间和冰箱都还挺大的。不过干不干净就要看室友怎么样了。 最后表达一下,无线网一个月20G,真的,少。

    秒进uts,距离悉尼大学步行10-15分钟,距离china town,central station都步行可至,很方便。公寓设施,环境都非常好







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