Society Programme: King’s College London Singapore Society

We spoke to King’s College London Singapore Society to find out all about it, what they get up to, and what life is like as a society member.

King’s College London Singapore Society is part of the Societies programme, which supports student societies and helps students find their student accommodation. 

So tell us about the society…

KCL Singapore Society has been running for 5 years, before which we were actually part of a joint society (KCL Malaysian and Singapore Society) with what is now KCL Malaysian Society.

If you had to describe the society in three words, what would they be?

The three words I would use are inclusive, beneficial, and familial. Firstly, I would use ‘inclusive’ because Singapore itself is the country of diverse cultures and racial harmony. Here at KCL Singapore Society, we definitely strive to include as many as possible and we welcome students of all cultures and backgrounds – Singaporean or not, to come and learn about our culture. Secondly, ‘beneficial’ acts as a multipurpose description, referring to both the great value we offer members at our events, as well as the general help we strive to offer members whenever they might need it. Lastly, ‘familial’ is the most important, as it encapsulates the experience that we hope all our members have: feeling at home.

How many students are a part of the society?

103 members

How often and what type of social events does the society host?

We host events monthly on average, usually corresponding to either major cultural holidays in Singapore (such as Chinese New Year or Deepavali) and involving a meal out together! We also host social events such as watching musicals or ice skating, as well as an annual play that we cast and direct on our own.

What’s the greatest achievement of your society so far?

I believe that our current successes and event turnouts so far have been our greatest achievements so far. Since the society started running independently back in 2015, it’s had to re-establish itself and start over from nothing as a completely new organisation. Having come so far and being able to serve such a diverse group of members is definitely something the society is very proud of.

What’s the biggest challenge facing students right now?

For the majority of students, uncertainty about their futures with regards to moving back home to Singapore or staying abroad remains one of the biggest challenges. Although the exact circumstances often differ greatly between student to student, the inherent difficulty of deciding between pursuing career opportunities abroad and the comfort of home is definitely something that many students often think about.

What do you love most about the society? 

Simply put, the society is truly a home away from home for many of the Singaporean students here at King’s. Our events focus on providing members with a sense of home: whether that’s the food we eat or the company we spend time with, or even if that means introducing our culture to someone completely new, we aspire to bring a taste of Singaporean culture to all our events.

What’s in the pipeline for next year? 

Generally, our plans are to continue with our festive events, celebrating the various aspects of Singaporean culture, partnering with an ever-growing list of companies and organisations to provide our members with a variety of opportunities, fostering bonds with other Singaporean societies throughout the U.K. and introducing our way of life to students of all backgrounds and cultures. Above all, we will continue to create as many opportunities for members to feel like London is just another home away from home.

How do I join?

Any student can become a member of the society simply by buying our membership from KCLSU’s website and signing up to our newsletter to receive monthly updates about our upcoming events.

Well after that we’re convinced at that King’s College London Singapore Society is a perfect home away from home for those in the society community. We hope you think so too. 

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