Stephen Fry Perfectly Explains British Etiquette

There are lots of little quirks that define life in the UK. Here’s a handy guide to a few of them, narrated by possibly the most British person EVER.

In a new video for passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport, charming ambassador of Britishness Stephen Fry gives visitors a few pointers on local British etiquette. Because if there’s one man on the entire planet who can reliably educate us, it’s him.

Dressed in a tweed jacket and speaking in a delightful English accent, he discusses a selection of local customs: the obsession with the weather, the displeased ‘tut’ sound Brits make when they’re really upset and the fine art that is British queuing.

One thing he wasn’t quite sure about was the light cheering that follows broken glassware. Do you have any ideas why the British do it?

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