Score Epic Black Friday Travel Deals and Make Your Next Getaway Unforgettable!

Hey there, savvy travellers and deal hunters! Black Friday/Cyber Monday isn’t just for snagging a new phone or scoring that trendy backpack. It’s also the perfect time to lock down some jaw-dropping travel deals that’ll make your next trip one for the books. 🌍✨

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The Inside Scoop on Black Friday Travel Deals

Black Friday is like the Super Bowl of shopping, and yes, that includes travel. Airlines, hotels, and tour companies are all in on the action, dropping prices left and right. But how do you sift through the noise and find the real gems? has got you covered!

Tips to Bag the Best Deals

  1. The earlier you book, the better the deals: Like that 8 a.m. class, the early bird gets the worm. Start your search a day before Black Friday to snag the best.
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  1. Do Your Homework: Got your eye on Paris or maybe a beach in Bali? Research average prices now, so you can spot a true bargain.
  2. Set Alerts: Sign up for fare alerts from StudentUniverse so you won’t miss a beat (or a deal).
  3. Be Flexible: If you can swing it, being flexible with your dates and destinations opens up a world of savings.
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  1. Double Up on Discounts: Look for promo codes, student discounts, and Black Friday specials that you can combine. It’s like stacking your favourite toppings at the dining hall – more is better.

Where to Find the Hottest Deals and StudentUniverse are your go-to for the best Black Friday travel deals. They’ve got the lowdown on everything from flights to adventure tours, all with student-friendly prices.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

So, what’s next? Keep your eyes peeled and your browsers ready. Deals can pop up and disappear faster than your roommate’s leftovers. And remember, at, we’re all about making sure you get the best bang for your buck – so save the date and bookmark the deals page!

It starts now, Black Friday is your ticket to an affordable adventure. Whether you’re planning a spring break to remember or a summer escapade, the deals are out there waiting for you. So gear up, get set, and let’s make your next getaway epic!

Still wondering how low our deals can go? Check out some of StudentUniverse’s best deals from last year’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday.