What is freshers week/what do I do when I start uni?

Congratulations! You are about to start living a one of a lifetime experience – a whole new journey as a person, student and an adult. We will take a look at what “freshers week” is, and what the first few days at university will be like.

You have probably been hearing a lot about freshers week and already have some stereotypes in your head which may scare you, but let us tell you it is not what it looks like (constant partying or alcohol focused fun) – it is actually a great time where you will meet new people, have your questions answered and sort all the bits before you immerse yourself in the world of knowledge (or simply – hardcore studying).

So what is freshers week?

Freshers week is a week long (sometimes longer) event aimed at first year students. It has traditionally been a way for students new to university to settle in and start to form friendships. There usually is a lot of social events on, but not all have to be parties. Societies will host welcome events, so it’s a good chance to see if there are any you would like to join. Also the local cities will be hosting some free events too, perfect for exploring your new surroundings. 

What can I do during freshers week?

Look out for emails from your university about freshers week, or information posted on their websites with exact university start days, schedules and events planned for freshers fair. 

Don’t forget that university halls and student accommodation where you have booked your room will also have events planned for you. There will be dedicated staff members who will show you around and give a quick tour of facilities in your new student housing. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the student residence you will be spending a lot of time in, check out the communal study areas, laundry room (important!) and any other facilities like gym or music room (if available). If you have booked via Student.com, you can take a virtual tour or check out facilities via the property listing. Also, get out and about, find out your local transport stop, the bus times, where’s the best place to get takeaway pizza or your route to a local supermarket to get essentials? Supermarkets will be busier during freshers week as everyone rushes to get the basics, so don’t be put off by any crowds and try to maybe do a shop online for the basics to take with you when you move in, 

Who can I meet during freshers week?

Basically take this week as a “get to know and settle in” time so you are ready to embark on a university journey; unpack your stuff to feel cozy in your student room or flat straight away. The first point of call is to get to know your flatmates or people on your floor. You never know when you might need a favour, but also it’s the perfect chance to ease yourself into making your new network of friends. When you start lectures, often lecturers and course leaders will organise some ice breaker activities in the first week. As cheesy as they may seem, it’s an easy way to start figuring out who you would get along with the most. And your course friends will be important during your university journey as a lot of courses have group work as part of semester projects. 

It is OK to feel a bit shy and even uncomfortable in the beginning when you have to meet a lot of new people, but just be yourself and embrace this opportunity to make friends, join societies – you can check out some societies we work with on our blog – get to know second year students. Most of all, enjoy and don’t forget to check-in with the family and maybe organise a video call hangout with home friends at the end of the first week to share experiences! 

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