European Student Accommodation – Where to live?

If you are an international student, adjusting to an entirely new country, new people and a new college can be tough. If you are an international student, adjusting to an entirely new country, new people and a new college can be tough. The seemingly basic experiences such as the choice of accommodation can seem daunting and as a place where you will go to relax, study and socialise – it’s important that you get it right.

Here, EDUopinions lets the students do the talking by sharing real-life experiences at European universities and student accommodation.

What’s the Score?

Depending on the country of the university you are in, the norms vary. Many universities in the UK or USA offer accommodation to students as a regular practice. However, you won’t find this to be a norm in European colleges. At some universities, a live-in dorm or student accommodation is the standard, while at others, the students are responsible for securing their own independent housing. We have analysed the reviews of over 9,000 students from all over the world, and here’s the top list of student accommodation must-haves:

Keeping it Fresh: Student accommodation in the UK

Those living in student accommodation in the UK tend to wish for renovations in their housing as they can be old and also expensive. Naturally, in built-up areas such as London, student accommodation can be particularly difficult to find. It is a good idea for students looking for accommodation in the UK to start their search early. By doing this, students are more likely to find housing that is of a suitable standard, close to their university, and affordable. If you are looking for more affordable housing, you can always check some smaller cities like Leicester or Portsmouth. Or if you’re not dead-set on England, you might also want to think about Cardiff in Wales, or cities in Scotland like Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee.

All in the Details: Student accommodation in France

In France, student accommodation is usually liked and fitted with many good quality amenities such as hot water and WiFi. France is a popular destination for students and there is a lot of good good quality student accommodation available.

Value for Money: Student accommodation in Spain

And finally, Spain earns mixed reviews. A downside is the long waiting time associated with finding accommodation. An upside is the many options for cheap student accommodation in Spain, available in cities like Barcelona and Madrid and in towns within commuting distance. Should students wish to study in Spain, they can look forward to an amazing cultural experience. However, affordable, liveable accommodation may be located in a small town close to a big city which often means a daily commute for students. Thankfully, Spain’s public transport system is often praised by students.

So, there you have it! Finding student accommodation – particularly as an international student – is one of the most important aspects of university life. Europe is and has long been a popular study destination and if you are keen to study in a European city, then take a look at to find your perfect home away from home student accommodation.