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Penis Size
by vteen, January 9, 2006 9:51 AM

Size doesn't matter, right?

How big you are "down there" is undoubtedly the most popular topic between guys during puberty. It's the most asked, most worrysome, and most insignificant thing there can be.

That's right, size doesn't matter. Yes, we hear it every day, and yes, it's so hackneyed that most people don't even give that theory the time of day anymore, but it's absolutely true. Any girl that you meet is going to like you for your personality, and the majority aren't just looking to sleep with you. The ones that are are MUCH more concerned with how you use what you've already got. If a girl had to choose between a guy with a small/average penis who was an excellent lover and a guy with an above average penis who was only decent because of his size, she would choose the good lover. Yes, I've asked them, and I've gotten the same response from over 10 girls.

Past performing in bed, a big concern of kids in puberty is how they stack up against their friends. Lots of times, both on the internet and in real life, people will claim to have a much bigger penis than they usually have. It's really a two inch rule, take what they tell you, and subtract 2 usually proves to be accurate to within .5 inches.

If you're worried about being smaller than everyone else, then simply avoid the situation. But if someone asks you how big it is, just tell the truth, and ask them. They'll probably say something that is sure to outsize you big time -- but tell them to prove it and they'll studder their way into an excuse.

Many of us who felt inadequate will realize that our size is really common and that our friends are probably lying when they brag! Yet as bell-shaped curves go there are always the few on the extremes - the well endowed few (some who may be surprised that they are bigger than most who had been lying) and those who will be small and sadly feel inadequate. At least there will be fewer disappointments than with a dishonest poll. Maybe you are still growing. Or size doesn't matter - hey, like people, penises come in all shapes and sizes (and curves and angles!). So that makes life interesting. Imagine how boring it would be if every guy had exactly the same industry-standard 6 inch, 135-degree angle, slight upward curve, 5 inch girth, pink, circumcised penis?

Penis size can vary anywhere from 2 inches (yes, some ARE that size), to 12+ inches (yes, some ARE that size too), but the average is generally considered to be 5.5 inches. This is based on a simple random survey, and is a published statistic. So, for those of you who are wondering whether your 7 inches or your 5 inches are adequete -- they most certainly are.

Penis size is something that just about everyone wants to change, even the big ones want to make their's even bigger! But the simple truth is that there is no safe, working method to do it. You can always turn to plastic surgery, but if something goes wrong, you are out of luck -- big time. Home made remedies for making it bigger don't work either, neither do certain "age old Arabic methods" that you may have read about. They might produce better circulatino down there resulting in a fractional increase, but not much more than that.

It's not what you have, it's how you use it. I know it sounds stupid, I used to think it was too, but I've found through my first hand experience that it really doesn't matter at all. As long as you've got a good personality, and the girl likes you, she'll be happy with whatever you've got, and if she isn't, she's not good enough for you!

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