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by vteen, January 9, 2006 9:34 AM

To be Cut or UnCut? That is the Question.

Before you read all this, you need to figure out whether you're circumcised (cut), or un-circumcised (uncut). This is a simple test, look at your penis while it's flaccid (soft), and if you see the head of your penis completely exposed, you're cut...if not, and it's covered, then you're uncut.

Now, foreskin is something that you either have or not. Circumcision is usually done around birth, and the decision is made by the parents whether to have the procedure done. A common stereotype is that the only people that are cut are Jewish (it's an age-old custom in Judaism), and that all Jewish people are cut. Those are both wrong, anyone can be cut, and anyone can be uncut, it just depends on the decision that their parents made.

People who are cut have little to no maintenence that they need to do to keep their pubic area (including the penis) clean. Uncut people on the other hand, have a bit more work. Because their foreskin covers their penis' head, a foul-smelling white substance generally forums under the foreskin. This is smegma, and is extremely disgusting, but also extremely avoidable. By washing under you're foreskin each day, you can virtually eliminate smegma no problem.

Well I had exactly the same problem as you when I was 12, where I couldn't pull back my foreskin because it hurt too much. So I just pulled it back as far as it would go, until it started to hurt, for 5 minutes every day. Then I would spend another 5 minutes or so masturbating. I carried on doing this EVERY DAY. After about a month I noticed a great improvement in the distance it would retract. Now, about 6 months later, I can retract the foreskin all the way to the bottom of the head, although it absolutely refuses to go any further (I am told that in many cases it will not go down the shaft any more anyway, so I am normal). In the morning it goes a little bit tighter again, but after one or two retractions it has returned to it's fully retractable state once more.

But pulling back the foreskin is no easy task. For a lot of people, their foreskin is too tight at first to pull back over the head of their penis. It's very important to remember not to try and pull it all back at once! Not only will you do damage to your foreskin, but it'll hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. The best way to go about pulling foreskin back is doing it gradually, a little each day. By doing this, you stretch the skin to the point where it well become looser, but won't rip. Take your time pulling it back, there's no real rush, you've got the rest of puberty after all.

Then, uncut people run into another problem, their penis head generally tends to be EXTREMELY sensitive, some to the point where they can't touch it without it hurting or giving them an extreme sensation. It might hurt, or feel extremely awkward when washing it, but you need to do it to avoid smegma. You can try taking breaks from it and hoping that it doesn't build up, but it probably will, and you'll be back to washing again.

Cut people can never fully restore their foreskin. While they can have an operation done to make it look like they're uncut, the nerve endings that are damaged during circumcision can NEVER be fully replaced. Because of that, uncut people being cut when they are older is a more common procedure. It's a bit of a tough recovery, but many people who want to be cut do it, and have complete success with it afterwards.

If you feel "gipped" because you're cut and want to be uncut or vice-versa, don't be. Your parents made the decision hoping that it would be the best one for you, and they had the best intentions. If you ever have a boy, you'll be faced with the same decision, and you'll realize that making that decision can be one of the toughest ones, as it'll stick with your son for the rest of his life.

Look at it this way, you have what you have, why not be happy with it? There are pros AND cons to both, and really it's just easiest to stick with what you have. If you have a burning desire to have an operation done (one way or another) talk to your parents and then to your doctor, it can be done.

Don't be embarrassed about whether you're cut or uncut, girls really don't tend to have a preference. Some girls may never have seen an uncut penis before (cut people are in the minority worldwide, but make up about half the guys in America), but the majority at least know about them. Don't be afraid to have sexual relations just because of your foreskin, it won't drive them away!

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