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by vteen, January 9, 2006 9:31 AM

What's that white stuff?

With puberty comes a lot of changes, psychologically and mentally -- but one of the most anticipated changes is being able to ejaculate. When you ejaculate, semen (containing sperm, which fertilizes eggs), comes out of your penis.

Lots of people hype ejaculation up thinking that once they start doing it, the orgasm will feel better. I can tell you from my own experience that while it could change the feeling a bit, the change is by no means monumental.

People start ejaculating at different ages, so while you may be reading through this looking for a time you "should" start or "should have" started, sorry you're not going to find it. Some people start as early as 12, others start as late a just have to wait (as is the case with almost ALL of puberty) and see what the case will be for you.

When you start ejaculating, you're going to have to start cleaning it up. Before you start ejaculating, you have what are called dry orgasms, meaning that no semen comes out. After you start, and as you move through puberty you'll start ejaculating more, and having to clean up more. Try to have a tissue handy to catch the semen coming out, that way you don't have to worry about getting it on you, and it's a quick tissue toss to the trash for the clean up!

Some common concerns people have when they first start are about pre-cum, and why their semen isn't whiter. Pre-cum (cum is another word for semen), comes out in small amounts BEFORE you orgasm. Usually, pre-cum can be an indicator that you might be close to ejaculating -- but not for everyone, so don't be disappointed if it takes a little while between the two.

By the end of puberty, semen is a very bright white, but at the beginning, it may have less white in it, and be more clear. There's nothing to worry about here, it's completely normal, and after some time you'll start to notice the transition from clear to white.

Ejaculation is a big step in puberty, lots of people consider it being a real "man." You need to decide what it means to you, but whatever you decide, remember that you can now have children, and it makes unprotected sex that much more dangerous. (See "Condoms" for more information).

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