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Hair (Women)
by vteen, January 12, 2006 12:23 PM


As woman grow their pubic, underarm and leg hair thicken and darken. Hair in certain places is a nightmare for women, they have it most often in place where they dont appreciate it, such as the leg, underarms and of course their bikini lines. These can involve removement of the hair going through processes such as, waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, plucking, and laser treatment.


The hair is usually course ,possibly greasy, and not long, doesnt grow too qucikly but needs to be shaven every 2-3 days. Underarm hair gives bacteria a place to hang out. So keeping your underarms shaved is one way to stay fresh and it is also important, the best way to do this is by having a moist surface on the skin and a layer of soap to prevent underarm rash which may accure with irritation to the skin.


The hair on womens legs is usuallu simular of that to their underarm, although it is not nessasary to shave it as it doens old bacteria like our underarms do. Most women choose to shave their legs, because of society and it is what is expected of them. Females tend to feel more sexy and attractive when having smooth legs, rather than prickely ones. The same technique which is used for the underarm is used for the legs also.

Pubic/Bikini Line

As women get older, the amount of pubic hair they have increases, The hair is often coarse, thick and dark and tends to grow at rapid speeds. Women may find this embaressing when swimming etc, i.e. it being called their bikini line which causes them to remove the hair from the area of which it is unwanted, done by shaving, waxing and hair removal creams.

In Conclusion

Hair is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have it, its just best to stay healthy and keep ourselves clean, which for women, the best way is to remove it and of course we have the advantage of looking extremely sexy at the same time.

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