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Can I Masturbate Too Much?
by terpfan101, November 7, 2005 7:40 PM

Masturbation for both males and females is a healthy activity. Surveys have shown that almost all boys and nearly half of all girls have masturbated by the time they are 18. The only physical complications that could possibly result from too much masturbation are chafing of the skin and decreased sensitivity for males. One could technically masturbate once a day and not be masturbating too much.

However, there is a point where you may be masturbating too much. If your masturbation interferes with other aspects of your life whether it is your social life, your schoolwork, work, or your love life. If you have put masturbating over your calculus homework, you might be masturbating too much. If you have to find an excuse to go to the restroom during work to masturbate, then you are probably masturbating too much. If you turn down an invitation to go out with friends in order to masturbate, you are probably masturbating too much. Finally, if others complain about your masturbating too much, in particular a significant other, then you likely masturbate too much. Masturbation should not interfere with your life. As long as it is not doing so, than you are going to be fine. So go ahead and whack away.

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