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Importance of Foreplay
by dudeman41465, November 3, 2005 3:25 AM

In any relationship where sex is involved, foreplay can be almost as important as if not necessary for the actual sex act to occur. Technically I think of foreplay as any activity that occurs as a precursor to the sex act that has the intent of increasing the level of excitement in your partner and yourself or for preparing one another for the sex act.

Foreplay can involve anything from sensual contact to games. Foreplay also gives you and your partner an opportunity to explore one another’s bodies prior to actually having sex. This can make you feel closer to your partner and give you a better understanding of how ready your partner is physically. If you’re the male then you can use foreplay to prepare the girl for sexual intercourse.

Prior to sexual arousal a girl’s vagina, regardless of how many past sexual partners she may have had and contrary to what some believe, usually shrinks down to almost its original size, so you don’t have to be very well endowed or using a very large toy to hurt her if you rush into things. For this reason foreplay can often be very important if for no other reason then to keep from hurting the girl. As a girl becomes sexually aroused her vagina produces its own natural lubricant in preparation for sexual intercourse. It also begins to loosen on its own so it’s important for foreplay to take place. If you’re partner happens to be female you could finger her and this could help her loosen up to the proper dimensions to allow easy entry. Eating out can also be a helpful part of foreplay because it adds moisture to the girl’s vagina, and while saliva will not last as long as the natural lubricant, it could help get you started until the natural lubricant becomes more abundant.

Foreplay can be good and bad for the guy. A guy can be aroused enough to want sex, but foreplay tends to increase the level of arousal. A penis can grow “up to” approximately 3 times its size when it is fully aroused. This can vary from person to person. Foreplay though can help enlarge the penis even beyond what appears to be a full erection. It heightens the male’s desire for sex and can increase the quality of sex because of the increased desire. However males tend to be much easier to bring to climax than a female. Because of this too much foreplay can be bad. You’d hate to bring your lover to climax before you even have sex. This could prolong the sex act and possibly stop it completely until later because most males lose their erection immediately after coming.

When it comes to anal sex foreplay is very important. Anal sex can be a lot more painful and can cause some physical damage if you do not use enough lubricant and do not have adequate foreplay. It is very important that prior to anal sex you and your partner take your time and make sure to properly prepare yourself. One problem that a lot of people have the first time they have anal sex is that it hurts them really badly. This is most often because they didn’t have enough foreplay. Prior to anal sex it is important that you apply plenty of lubricant and possibly practice with smaller items and when you enter for the first time be sure to go slow enough to give your partner time to adjust. For more information on anal sex you can visit agent69’s journal at:

Foreplay as I said earlier is very important if not necessary, in some form or another. With the males especially though you can have too much of a good thing. Foreplay can play havoc on a person’s psychological state as well. People cannot think straight when they are sexually aroused, so if you’re partner is not quite in the mood then slow foreplay can get things started and lead into heavier foreplay, and eventually sex which may not have happened if not for the initial foreplay. It can prepare people both physically and mentally for the act of sex and is therefore important for sex to occur. Sex that occurs without foreplay often feels emotionless and empty and as just “sex”, whereas simply spending 10 minutes playing a game, fondling, oral sex or some other kind of foreplay can heighten emotions and feelings and make what would have been “sex” into “love”. If you’re interested in some interesting sex games that you can play with your partner for foreplay then you can visit my journal at:

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