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The following users had Because of You by Kelly Clarkson on their soundtrack:

acting_is_fun: How I feel my parents taught me.
aj87: It pretty well describes what I felt after my parents divorce
ally53: Personal
AngelInDisguise: I love this song...she sang it live and it was moving. I feel what she's feeling in the song...it is my relationship with someone...
Archaeologist: I can relate... what I went through with my ex, two men I trusted and my father... this song fits me to a point that I cannot explain. The details are too personal to tell here. If I get to know you and feel I can trust you, I will tell you.
Babeygrl0: Because of you reminds me of how an exboyfriend used to treat me and how i acted after him
bigbootychick08: Cuz that is how my life was just like that song
Bmxnangelbabe: This song goes out to my ex-boyfriend Louis, and how I felt towards him for a long time.
BrazilsDaughter: This song is dedicated to my dad..
BuBbL3gum_p1nk2105: This song sings of heartbreak and being afraid to be with another person because they're afraid to get hurt....exactly me at one point in time :(
countrygurl_16: i love this song, i love all of her songs, bcuz i can relate to her ALOT!!!
countryside_cutie_14: cuz guys suck n they ruin lifes
CountTheStars40: This is how I feel about my Dad.
Cow8oys_fan: ask lynn.......
crushed_and_drowning: this song describes the way i feel about men becuz of a bed experience i had when i was lil with a guy i liked
DecemberFire21: some guys just suck...
DEElicious: the song explains itself....me!
dragonsangel09: It makes me think of my mom when she left me and my little brother.
drenna_bi: Because it's my life!
ducky_lover_2007: this song was popular right after my grandma died and this song reminded me of her
dyingrose16: i just feel like that sometimes, toward some boy, some adult
edplan06: horrible relationship with a guy...
elememtal: it explains me...it's to hard to put into words,but it's almost like its explainig my life...
firebabe1716: People can make me feel untrusting
gay_fantasy: people have changed my life
Grunky12: I like this song :)
hello_kittie: my friend was very depressed, & at the time i was 2, just not as bad. she introduced me 2 a world of pain & wanting 2 die. being her support system, wen i needed support myself really messed me up. & it never would have gotten so bad if it weren't for her
hockeybabe769: because of J.J. after 3 years of bieng ur girl and doing everything for u they way u treated me and what u did to my baby, i have learned to play on the safe side of the sidewalk so i dont get hurt, so buh bye asshole and hello guys that r worthwhile!!!!!
hurtandalone: pretty self explainitory
ice_queen14: This song reminds me of one of my best friends, Dane. I love him so much, he was a great boyfriend, and a great friend now. LOVE YA DANE!
Idol_Pride: This song states exactly haw I feel about my mom!
john_cena_luver1: Reminds me of Steven & I
Just-Me: one word...................................alex
Katt1989: Dont let anyone control, be yourself always
KayJay87: It comforts me at my melancholy moments.
KoalaBabe14: i think it's like me because my parents never let me experience things in this world just like wat kelly clarkson didn't and is now afraid of and stuff
kosborn1989: It really explains how I feel about someone that broke up with me after almost a year and a half. I have really changed because of the way this person treated me.
lildancerbabe91: This deals with a BIGG part of my life!
lilshakester0: he knows!
Lissa683: I can relate to the words.
littleangel21: This was the first song by Kelly that I heard, and it describes me and a past relationship completley.
little_white_tiger: it just might b true
LoveSick33188: I dedicate this song to my mom
LPgurl4eva118: A lot of people have lied to me and broken my trust in them. I have trouble trusting people.
Magick_Is_Real: i believe that all it takes is one bad parent to ruin a child's life and scar them forever...i'm thankful to have 2 wonderful parents
Meiege: A couple people in my life a while back just screwed me all up and I'm still dealing with that.
missinnocent08: This song reminds me of my ex because he completely changed me and i am hesitant to trust people anymore
MNW2009: The love part isnt true but my brothers scared me into staying a good girl -this can be a good thing but in a way it isnt, now i cant make my own mistakes
my_own_story: I felt I could have been 'you' in this song, leaning on someone too much. Luckily they're okay but I know for a period things were awful for both of us.
poetryluva15: this song was exactly what i was feeling after a failed relationship, i was totally im love.
prince_will: because it shows how one little person could destroy your whole outlook on life. love is a gamble that we all take and sometimes it does not roll in our favor. i also love how the sadness pours from the song "because of you, i'm ashamed of my life." sad.
silentspeech: i chose this song because i can relate to it ....a song about heart break
Simply_Unique: its practicaly my life...sorta messed up..but im trying to change that.
ssccr11: because i really like it!
sugar_2004: Reminds me of my asshole ex
sweetbabigurl: my sister was there for me during my depression and now that she went through hers this song describes our feelings perfectly
Sweety89125: Do to My past with relationships of anykind.Ive learned that ill make it,and not to let anyone into my heart like ive done in the past. Trust is one of my biggest things in any kind of relationship of ANYKIND...
SWInG_babi_SwING: Apart from being a great song, the lyrics have meanings and its something that happens alot in life
sxyboldbeachbabe: Describes what I felt when someone I loved took me for granted.
tegan_lee: i just love this song?!
TexasHottie04: This song reminds me of my mom. But I love her anyway.
The_Danicat: It describes how I feel about trust, because it can be really hard for me to trust someone b/c i'm afraid that they'll hurt me.
ThisSecretIsTearingMeApart: This belongs on the soundtrack of my life because i have been torn apart by stuff that has happened to my family.
trentinator: This was playing when I found out my grandfather had died.
V_Clemey: it relates to me and my mom...
whs_shamoo: This song is exactly how I feel towards my dad!
withthahotness: It seems that everyone has been hurt by someone before, and this song shows the effect of someone who's been hurt--you don't want to trust anyone, and you play it safe so you don't get hurt again...it's a total reflection of me
WSCCheerBunny: This is how I feel after my parents decided to get a divorce and things got bad.
xoxo_i_need_his_love_xoxo: it's exactly whut i went thro with my dad.. and whut i'm still dealin with..
xSeXiLiZzOuSx: the certain someone..he took my heart and loved me so carefully..then he tore my world apart..
x_BeautifulDisaster_x3: very meaningful
_Jen: Pat made me feel this way. I'm so scared to trust anyone, even me, because of him. I can't even say yes to a proposal of marriage from an amazing person because of his actions...

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