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The following users had It's My Life by Bon Jovi on their soundtrack:

ajeshgs: Coz I live my life the way i like it
Akefira: You better believe it is.
AmberNicole2006: Hello...what a better motto for living?
applevortex7: I live the way I want to live
azorea: When I am not aloud to do things or think for myself sometimes I listen to it and remember that it IS my life. It also explains how you shouldn't waste time, you need to take chances and live life to the fullest!
A_Ramsell: That's obvious...
baby_gurl842: Because it's my life.
bballbabe10: i'm from jersey, and this was the first bon jovi song i listened to
BendyFreak044: It is my life!
Benjisbaby1987: This song is because i just wanna do what i want and i dont care what others think about me or about anything else
Blue_05: exactly as the song says...it's my life.
Breezy35829: I'm living my own life.. whether or not you approve of it.
CanadianPultz: Cause It is my life, and I want to make the most of it.
cherricupcakes: live life to its fullest
dANCINGbUTTERFLY: i chose this cause i try to live life to the fullest
Frankystyle: Don't know why! Meaby coz i listened to it when i was 10
glxystr121588: This is a great song. I live my life and no one can control it. This has a great message towards it also.
jazz886: You have your own life don't tell me how to live mine.
k1mber1ndarella: Because I'm gonna live my life to the fullest for me and not for anyone else.
luzurslfngocrzy: i live my own life and don't let people live it for me
ms_neonangel: This song always reminds me that I'm the one in control of my life and not to let outside influences get to me.
Ms_New_Bootie: I honestly just have a lot of people who think that I can get them what they want. But I get what I WANT!!!
p1nkc0c0nut: "its my life, and its now or never, i aint gonna live forever, i just wanna live while im alive.' Its pretty self explanatory, but i just want to be like that. To live everyday to the fullest and not be scared of taking risks because you arent going to live forever and i dont want to spend it being scared, wondering what if i would have done this different. I just want to live while im alive, however long, or short, that may be.
Roberto14: Bon Jovi's song speaks for several people who wish to live their life to the max, without anyone telling them how to live it. I feel the same way.
rockerchick19902005: Because I want to live MY LIFE the way I want
sk8ergrl4evr: I like to live my life on my decisions. I hate people telling me what to do with MY life.
somebody2love: self explanitory...
therealpdub: cause it's my life and its now or never
viperfortyniner: This represents how I live my life everyday

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