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The following users had Pardon Me by Incubus on their soundtrack:

19th_boulevard: This song was playing while the worst thing was happening to me. It made me that much stronger and that much weaker.
blame_my_parents: Its just a way of telling everyone to fuck off and leave me alone so i can be alone
dudemattman: Because sometimes I just wana Burst Into Flames
G2KOOL: because sometimes I feel like i'm about to explode
IbanezMunky: You wanna talk a song that I can sing not just good, but perfect? Here you go. Perfect
Krazzed_Kitten: i feel as if i'm going to jus explode sometimes and this song explains the feeling
kt_Rae3: sometime i just want to explode
Parminoke: This song got me through middle school, I suppose.
PrEtTyLiTtLeLiAr: BuRn LiKe yOU MeAn IT
sysofadown42069: My song to the world
Xayer: because i had enough of the world!!!
xMegalophobiax23: Because dont we all want to explode?

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