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Name:   Kim
Location:   Mishawaka, Indiana, United States
Age:   26
Birthday:   August 16
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   lilknkz16@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/7803533
High School:   Mishawaka High School
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Hobbies:   writin poems n chillin wit mah homies smile, Partyin, talkin ta ppl, ya know... wutever...looks like i'ma be playin softball again pretty soon... nice
Favorite Movies:   ummm i LoVe scary movies, tho i never really get that scared... i just like waitin to see whats next... or if i had a boo i'd pretend like i'm scared so he'd hold me closer....*sigh*
Favorite Music:   R&B*HipHop*GeTtIn InTo DiFfErEnT kInDs Of MuSiK smile mUsIk Is GrEaT! iF yOu ThInK oF a GoOd SoNg LeMmE kNoW!
Favorite Celebrities:   dunno lol
Favorite Food:   MeXiCaN~gotta luv dat HoT n SpIcY sHiT
Hook Line:   "The truth i speak u dare not believe. But the lies i tell, consume both u and i"-Me ~i'll let u believe i'm who u see, but u will never know the real me~*Introducing ~Kim~ coming soon to the mouth of a hater near you* never regret something that once made you smile, "instead of throwin them stones at me, somebody pray for me"
Turn-ons:   LoOkS~ EyEs n 6 PaX, PeRsOnAlItY~ SwEeT, CaRiNg, FuNnY, FrIeNdLy, PrEtTy MuCh JuSt An AlL oUt NiCe GuY wHo ReSpEcTs Me smile I tEnD tO fAlL fOr DeM bAd BoYz, BuT hOnEsTlY i JuSt NeEd A bOo ThAt NeEdS mE tOo KiSs My NeCk N ItS oVeR fOr Me! GeTs Me EhRiE tImE. I lIkE a MaN tHaT kNoWs WuT hE wAnTs N wUt He LiKeS. N a FeLlA dAt KnOwS hOw To RoCk It RiGhT iF yOu KnOw WuT i MeAn wink
Turn-offs:   PeOpLe WhO tHiNk OnLy Of ThEmSeLvEs, StUcK uP pEoPlE, PeOpLe WhO tAlK ShIt CuZ aLl ThEy GoOd At Is BeIn A HaTeR, DiSrEsPeCtFuL PeOpLe, ReD

 About Me

i got shoulder length hair (maybe a lil longer lol) brown w/ highlights n i'm 5'5" n SwEeT 16, Thats me in da second pic, n i'm at the top left in the third pic big grin Check out mah Photo Album! big grin i juss made it lol. da fellaz say i gotta thick bootay lol n i got a big chest too(36D) lol-gets kinda annoyin sumtimes... *SiNgLe*I'm really good at volleyball n I can SiNg mah heart out smile & I can relate wit a lotta ppl, I'm easy to talk 2 n mah friends say that i give great advice, so if ya need help wit any thing i'm a good person ta talk to. i'm reppin *Blue*.n i like ta partay n juss let it all go every once in a while. okay i like to party a lot i admit it heh heh. aight well uhh i dont really kno wut else ta say bout me so i'ma say thanx 2 everyone who has read my poems, liked them, and told me how they felt about them. so far so good! nothin negative yet! yay! lol =-) Thanx a BuNcH! *PeAcE* n shout out to ASHLEY! lol since i kno she'll be pissed if i dont say it lol smile VeNtInG MaChInEs BaYbAy!


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Member Since:   May 17, 2004 7:09 PM
Profile Hits:   4,593
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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