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Name:   Garrett Alexander
Location:   Trussville, Alaska, United States
Age:   26
Birthday:   July 1
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   Fallen_Angels_Hope@hotmail.com
High School:   Palmer High School
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Hobbies:   Drawing, hagin out with my friends, goin to the movies, playin sports, rifle team, drill team, color guard, sword team, parades, playin video games, jetskiing, fishing, ridin 4 wheelers, chatting
Favorite Movies:   Bourne supremacy, resident evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse, Hide and Seek, White Noise, Starship Troopers, White Chicks, Are We There Yet?, Darkness, Animal House, The Terminal, Assault On Prectinct 13, We Were Soldiers, Van Helsing, secret window, rose red, kingdom hospital, storm of the century, salems lot, i, robot, the village, spiderman 1and2, scarymovie 123, 50 first dates, paycheck, bourne identity, bringing down the house, cheaper by the dozen, daddy day care, torque, x-men 1and2, durango kids, kangaroo jack, the haunted, missing, mystic river, stand by me, gangs of new york, big fish, brother bear, shanghai knights, shanghai noon, minority report, kung pow enter the fist, signs, knutty proffesser, the one, cradle 2 the grave, last samurai, bruce almighty, reign of fire, blade 1, braveheart, dragonheart, king arthur, 28 days later, alien 1234, predator 1 and2, baseketball, second hand lions, sum of all fears, matrix1and2, s.w.a.t, 8 crazy nights, LOTR1, 2, 3, pirates of the carribean, ghost ship, terminator 1, 2, 3, rush hour1and2, freaky friday, bulletproof monk, the mask, men in black 1and2, final destination 1and2, u got served, passion of christ, bad boys 1and2, Butterfly Effect, League Of Extroardinary Gentleman, Outbreak, Stargate and much more TROY!!!!!!
Favorite Music:   Breaking Benjamin, 12 stones, seether, alter bridge, switchfoot, linkin park, robzombie, earshot, pink, michele branch, avril, 3 doors down, train, 50 cent, usher, g-unit, d-12, nelly, maroon5, evanescence, santana, incubus, mighty mighty bosstones, disturbed, godsmack, korn, blackeyed peas, yellowcard, dashboard confessional, jet, the ataris, taking back sunday, hoobastank, sugarcult, nickleback, papa raoch, eminem, fuel, white stripes, lil flip, coldplay, sean paul, staind, trust, company, van halen, led zeppelin, our lady peace, puddle of mud, new found glory, josh turner, creed, smile empty soul.beastie boys, kayne west, celine dion, everlast, everclear, smashmouth, verticle horizon, lost phrophets, midtown, houston, chingy, marctina mcbride, Nirvana, a perfect circle, story of the year, apartment 26, exodus, and a shitload more i cant think of right now =)
Favorite Celebrities:   micheal keaton, dakotta fanning, Jennifer garner, morgan freeman, dustin hoffman, jack nicholson, mel gibson, tom hanks, tom cruise, gene hackman, casper van dien, vin diesel, tommy lee jones, billy bob thornton, angelina jolie, bruce willis, john cusack, brad pitt, anthony hopkins, ice cube, danny devito, robert deniro, will smith, mike myers, eddie murphy, cameron diaz, catherine zeta-jones, ben stiller, nicole kidman, , matt daemon, ben affleck, jonny depp, kristen dunst, tobey maguire, chris tucker, jackie chan, mel gibson, jet li, adam sandler, ashton kutcher, prlando bloom, robin williams, owen wilson, chris rock, keenu reaves
Favorite Food:   pizza, peas, mashed patatos, mac n cheese, pickles, pop tarts, yo-gurt, cake, apple sauce, oranges, chef boyarde, captain crunch, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, doritos, pudding, marshmellows, and muche more
Hook Line:   Nature has given to our black brethren talents equal to those of other colours of men,Liberty is power. The nation blessed with the largest portion of liberty must in proportion to its numbers be the most powerful nation upon earth, and the tenure of power by man is...upon condition that it shall be exercised to...improve the condition of himself and his fellow-men,There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics,I know my duty and coming from a slave state as I do, no power on earth shall ever make me vote for the extension of slavery over one foot of territory now free. Never. No, sir, NO,Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character,give him power, We are utterly cut off from the world, surrounded by a circle of fire. The fiery shower of shells goes on, day and night: People do nothing but eat what they can get, sleep when they can, and dodge the shells,I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him,It is better to live rich than to die rich,Some of gods greatest gifts are unansweared prayers,life is like a bully with a magnifying glass,pain is temporary pride is forever,pain is weakness leaving the body,YOU SUCK!,lifes a bitch no shit but it will all be be over soon"its almost over now almost over now",im a freakin outcast got a problem?!!,i am what i am,give god a chance he gave u many,the way of the samurai is through the heart.
Turn-ons:   Not self-centered, likes to hang out, smart, cares about wat she looks like, nice, funny, doesnt care who me friends are.
Turn-offs:   Fat, ugly, thinks everything is about her, cheaters, pricks, only wants sex.Oppisite of ^
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

hey my name is garrett im from alabama im 5'5 i have black hair,baby blue eyes,im pretty fit,i have a 6 pack,i am a little tan,i live in a small town called trussville its pretty kool here,i have gone to a military school for 7 yrs I was on the sword team,rifle team,color guard,drill team,and a bunch of other things, im in band ive played trombone for 2 yrs i was a major at my school and it was pretty kool so umm heres a bunch of my good friends on here! LISHY-my very funny and nice sis *smiles*,CHRIS my man my bestest bro oh wait hes my only bro *smiles* hey i caught that damn space monkey!ill make u laugh anyday,sam sam me sis she is very funny and nice shes unique guys lay off me bro chris is her bf,jenna who may i say has a crush on me shes funny annoying and nice....sumtimes lol lovez ya jen,tal the demon girl shes nice to me atleast hey girl dont kill ya self i still need ya as me friend lovez ya tal!,JAMZ shes awsome she is me hott friend and funny and no1 break her heart cuz ill break u if u do luvz ya jams,dustinmy other bro hes cool hes funny end of the story *smiles*,NADZ she is wonderful to bearound she is nice funny u should talk to her sumtime oh and nadz ur not still mad at me r u?,kip hehe me number 5 fav friend hes awsome hes cool he plain out rocks so talk to him once in awile!,Kevin who never calls me garrett but "tidus"hence my other s/n but hes pretty kool he helps me on things and so far hes been helping me get a girl hmmm i wonder y i dont have one yet?!lol ,Anna .. shes very pretty she has a nice personality she says i wouldnt like a person like her but i do well shes one of my best friends,Ash who is also pretty and nice she is funny but not as funny as anna ,Jan who may i also add is funny she is very unique she kinda fits in with the crowd she is a good friend,lee who is funny and nice hes a good friend and rock on man,Melisa who is very pretty!may i add that she is funny and nice she is also unique she has a great personality,then theres jamie shes my lil babe bubbles and im big babe bro or sumthin lol shes awsome and nice lol,well a little more bout me is umm im looking for friends cuz not many of mine live near me im outgoing and funny sumtimes, i am pretty laid back,if u wanna chat look for me or jus tag me and ill get to ya ttyl.


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Member Since:   January 30, 2005 11:43 PM
Profile Hits:   13
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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