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Name:   melissa fitzwater
Location:   riviera, Texas, United States
Age:   25
Birthday:   April 25
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   CRZYGRL_MELL1242@yahoo.com
High School:   Riviera High School
Major:   English
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Hobbies:   i luv to sing, write novels, write poetry, chat with peepz, chill, anything that deals with.....PARTIES!!!
Favorite Movies:   bruce almighty, animal house, daddy daycare (rulez), land befor time (is the best) spider man (tobey is SO sexy!), steven king movies, LORD OF THE RINGS!!, pirates of the carribean,
Favorite Music:   the used, avril, linkin park, stone sour, USHER, P-DIDDY, 50cent, alisha keys, MARIO!!!, OMARION!!!, basically all the hip-hop and RNB artists!
Favorite Celebrities:   listed above in "fav music"!
Favorite Food:   icecream, pizza, pot-pies, chicken-n-dumplings, pumpkinpies
Hook Line:   dont let anyone impersonate u...u are who u are - be proud
Turn-ons:   handsome dark men, muscular, deep sexy voice, nice hands, warm touch, smooth talking, pimpsta guys are SO HOTT!!!
Turn-offs:   smelly guys, over weight(no offens guyz!!),

 About Me

HEY im 5ft2in or 3....hmmm i live in southern TX i have tons of chickens, dogs, cats, and turkeys.(i dont live on a farm b-lieve it or not!!) i like school(even though my grades prove otherwise-bs and cs!!) im a ppl person i have a twin sis. her nick is hiddenheart WARNING: i can be extremley random


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Member Since:   March 9, 2005 5:16 PM
Profile Hits:   824
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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la-la-la....im bored.

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