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Name:   Queen of the World
Location:   England, United Kingdom
Age:   27
Birthday:   March 7
Sex:   Female
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Hobbies:   hanging out, reading, sleeping, tv, eating
Favorite Movies:   The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Thelma and Louise, Corpse Bride, Stand By Me, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Matrix, Beetlejuice, Shaun Of the Dead, The Burbs, Big Fish, Leon, Usual Suspects, Terminator 2, Can't Hardly Wait, The Lost Boys, JFK
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Adventure, Animation, Children's, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, Musical, Mystery, Romantic Comedy, Suspense, Thriller, War
Favorite Music:   Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, Keane, Alanis Morissette, Green Day, The Libertines, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed, Meat Loaf, Blondie, The Kooks, Primal Scream, Trans-siberian Orchestra, Train, Rush, R.E.M, Pink Floyd, The Fratellis, Dashboard Confessional
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Indie Rock
Favorite Celebrities:   Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, James Dean
Favorite Food:   Everything
Hook Line:   I blame the scapegoats
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Friendship with a girl
Turn-ons:   Intelligence, ambition, good sene of humour, just nice generally I suppose ... they're the main things really
Turn-offs:   Feminine guys, boringness... other stuff that I can't think of right now
Buddies:  Buddylist hidden


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Lord_Xing says:
She's a really awesome person! And you should really talk to her, afterall she'll be the queen of the world one day. So suck up now, before you end up working in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!

 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Thelma and Louise
2. Breakfast Club, The
3. Usual Suspects, The
4. Goonies, The
5. Leon: The Professional

My Top 5 songs
1. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
2. I'd Do Anything For Love by Meat Loaf
3. Always by Bon Jovi

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Meat Loaf
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers, The
3. Kaiser Chiefs
4. Alanis Morissette
5. Pink Floyd


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