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dontlookdownjamie says:
FACT: Matty is freaking interesting as hell. Anyone that doesn't think so, BLOW ONE!

writer239 says:
Hmmm....Where to start....Well, Matt is a great dude. He's funny, caring, there for his friends, and has better advice than I do. Lol. He's goofy, and knows how to brighten people's day. Get to know him, he's really unique and there's no one out there like him. I'm glad to call him a friend of mine, and he's got big things going for him.

faerie_kisses says:
Mattie. <3 What can I say about you? You're definitely amazing, and I love the way you're always laughing. lol. I feel like I can tell you anything and you'd understand. Our convos can turn pretty creative, and I love some of the whacked out names we come up with. Haha. Cheers babe!

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