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Name:   Genna Kasun
Location:   valdosta, Georgia, United States
Age:   27
Birthday:   August 20
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   gak820@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/ecofreak
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Hobbies:   soccer, music, art, animals, skateboarding, sufing, movies, archeology/anthropology, AIDS, stand-up, rough-housing, working out, watching movies in foriegn languages
Favorite Movies:   boondock saints, suicide kings, cowboyup, birdcage, from hell, gladiator, codename: wolverine, bone snatcher, kill bill, house of flying daggers, croutching tiger hidden dragon, finding nemo, lilo and stitch, bend it like beckham, vanity faire, con air, goodfellas, rainmaker, godfather(all), commitments, the closer you get, leathal weapons, diehard:with a vengence, hidalgo, seabiscit, the ref, two if by sea, gangster no. 1, red dragon, time machine, the abyss, scarface, mystic river, broken arrow, blue juice, memento, love actually, tremors, tortilla soup, real women have curves, dogma, the ninth gate, vanity faire, master and commander, dogville, a beautiful mind, the reckoning, curtin call, second hand lions, noises off, down periscope, lion king, maria full of grace, ladder 49, lord of the rings, a knight's tale, ned kelly, bettlejuice, van helsing, lxg, ice age, pirates of the carribean, y tu mama tambien, under the tuscan sun, arsnic and old lace, invasion of the body snatchers
Favorite Music:   the hollowbodies, the atris, jimmy eat world, shakira, oar, matt nathanson, stephen kellog and the sixers, ari hest, bon jovi, aerosmith, billy idol, no doubt, toto, foriegner, journey, the killers, big bad voodoo daddy, frank sinatra, peter cincotti, a2, willie nellsonmaroon 5, jason mraz, paul mcartney, elton john.... i'll add more laterz
Favorite Celebrities:   too many to name
Favorite Food:   anything my mom cooks
Hook Line:   Fortune favors the bold.
Turn-ons:   accents, tatoos
Turn-offs:   assholes, ignorance
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

i'm pretty laid back, and not that keen on raving about myself. i'm half irish( and about half scottish with a tiny,tiny bit of italian. my dad was in the military so we moved around alot. I lived in germany for three years, while there we traveled a lot, and i really miss it. i speak french and spanish, and am brushing up on my german. i also plan to learn itallian, portugesse, russian, czech, manderin, vietnameze, japanese, swahili, and gealic. i'm also a footballer (soccer player). i've been playing since i was 3 and i learned to play in germany, so i can stick it out. i also like to surf, snowboard, skateboard, rock climb, play tennis, write, sing and play music. other than that i just go to school, hang out with my friends, and try to figure out what to do with my life. so far it's a toss up between zoology, pro football(soccer), acting/ directing, and something music related. yeah, i know...... doesn't leave much i don't wanna do!!! LMAO. oh well, i'll figure it out eventually.


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Member Since:   May 20, 2005 3:17 PM
Profile Hits:   3
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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