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Name:   Trevor Olson
Location:   Iowa, United States
Age:   27
Birthday:   May 18
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   saviorsoul22@yahoo.com
Major:   Visual Arts
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Favorite Movies:   CLUE, The Program, any given sunday, Night of the living dead (original), Dawn of the dead, Rise and fall of ECW, Hardcore Homecoming, Shaun of the dead, The Haloween series (except number 3), Friday the 13th series ( except jason X and Freddy vs Jason), Nightmare on elm street, Blair witch project, wedding crashers, house of 1000 corpses, devils rejects, Jackass the movie, cabin boy, oscar, house on haunted hill (original), Campfire stories (funny as hell), Saw 1&2, Scream series, Major Legue 1&2...more to be added
Favorite Music:   Fav Bands----DISTURBED, the offspring, slipknot, drowning pool (original lineup), Saliva, greenday, trust comapny, marylin manson, stained, crossfade, our lady peace, mercy drive, mudvayne, evanescene, alice in chains, linkin park, I.C.P, 3 doors down, creed, kiss, eminem, adema, black label society, ACDC, motorhead, pantera, damage plan, deep purple, the scorpions, nelly, 7dust, thornley, guns n roses, chevelle, nickleback, breaking benjamin, default, static x, alice cooper, mad season, witches brew, drain STH, bush, HARRY SLASH AND THE SLASH STONES, beck, white zombie, rob zombie, godsmack, poison, seether, stone sour, shine down....more to be added
Favorite Food:   Chicken, chinese, panda express has the greatest chinese food!
Hook Line:   Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die....

 About Me

Tag my profile to join the I HATE THE BEATLES CLUB Members: tbone15922, zazabar14, catfishtankl, BEATLES GURL,naenichole

My dog and Cat, The Cincinnati Bengals, chicago white sox, chicago bulls, Mt. Dew, Mt. Dew code red, Mt. Dew Live wire, Mt. Dew Black lightning, football, wrestling, video games.

Things I couldnt Live Without
Mt Dew, PS2 and Madden football, Football, Wrestling, Mt. Dew code red, My green sleeping bag, my CD player and Cd's, the movie clue, Mt. Dew Livewire, my deadman inc hat, Mt. Dew black lightning, the radio,

Great Quotes
Who da thunk it, COME DOWN OFF YOUR CROSS AND USE THE WOOD TO BUILD A BRIDGE SO U CAN GET OVER YOUR PROBLEMS, quote theraven...never more, well if it helps you sleep at night then go ahead and think that

Question that I am often asked and my answers to them
Am I black: NO: How did u get your screenname?: I got it playing baseball: What do the numbers in your screen name stand for?: 15 & 9 are my fav football player Drew Brees college and pro numbers, and 22 is my fav number:

catfishtank2004, EnzaLynnFate,nattyjelly, hung_like_a_dead_angel, ditch_gurl, bloodlustangel,kiss_me_im_emo21

Stupid people (you know who u are!), The beatles and there purple submarine, system of a down, nine inch nails, Clevland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Yankees, Barry Bonds, Jon Kitna, Iowa hawkeyes, Iowa State cyclones, ohio state, oldies music, hokcey, soccer, jeff gordon, comercials(except the burger king texas double wopper comercial), CSI & law and order it doesnt matter what version, 2 faced people

The Clincher by Chevelle
Touch! I'll stand for nothing less Or never stand again These are the limits when one's buried This body's left the soul Well could we have known Never would I Have helped to nail down Careful Iím drifting off Now losing taste and touch Turning a pale blue leaning in to say This body's left the soul The brain needs oxygen Can't sneak around this bait His catacomb has got me by the chin This body's left the soul Well could we have known Never would I Have helped to nail down With nothing to gain Here's the clincher This should be you Now saturate Now saturate Now saturate Now saturate and touch Now saturate Now saturate Now saturate The earth Now saturate Now saturate Now saturate The earth Well could we have known Never would I Have helped to nail down (I'll stand for nothing less) With nothing to gain Here's the clincher This should be you Made cold and crippled This happened to be Never changing Holding inside (Or never stand again) The phobia viewed Made cold and crippled Ending it all Now saturate Now saturate Now saturate Now saturate The earth Now saturate Now saturate Now saturate


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 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Clue
2. Night of the Living Dead
3. Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle
4. Christmas Story, A
5. Devil's Rejects, The

My Top 5 songs
1. Clincher by Chevelle
2. Deify by Disturbed
3. Burn In My Light by Mercy Drive
4. Stronger by Trust Company
5. Deny by Default

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Disturbed
2. Offspring, The
3. Slipknot
4. Green Day
5. Saliva


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Member Since:   February 16, 2004 11:25 PM
Profile Hits:   966
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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